How do you tell when a crab hits a snare? El Niño years that see warm-water being pushed north along the coast is a primary factor for fish migration. Pacifica is famous for strong winds and heavy, pounding waves. It’s much like a small bat ray fight, Sometimes the salmon come in closer to shore and the anglers mid-pier will use a shortened trolley rig. When the warm El Niño waters reach the Bay Area it’s almost inevitable that a few of the more southerly fish will be caught at Pacifica. One estimated to weigh at least 80 pounds was caught in 2006. I’ve taken leopard sharks and brown smoothhounds but seen few of the larger sharks. Sharks and Rays — As for sharays, the sharks and rays, occasional fish are taken but rarely in large numbers considering the plethora of anglers who fish the pier. If immediately put on ice, or, even better, if filleted and put on ice, the fish is fairly good eating. A fish that is not limited to warm-water years, but one that is often seen and occasionally caught, is the common mola, also known as the ocean sunfish. Although fishing can be good year round, many consider the summer months to be the best when salmon and striped bass can be caught. All three species may be found year round but he winter months are the best for the large surfperch. Fishing from the pier is free and does not require a fishing license so it’s a popular with local fisherman. The first four typically are found down around the base of the pilings. As example, a day in June of 1977 saw eleven different species (redtail surfperch, walleye surfperch, silver surfperch, spotfin surfperch, white seaperch, shinerperch, starry flounder, sand sole, Pacific tomcod, white croaker, and staghorn sculpin). One trip saw me jigging with a Lucky Lura leader for some live bait (to use on my heavier salmon rig). Use a hook size 2 to 4/0, heavier line (at least 20-pound test), and be sure to have a way to bring the fish up onto the pier since stripers to at least 43 pounds (maybe bigger) have been caught off the pier. There was a whole lot of fishing going on. A necessary piece of equipment is a hoop net to bring the large fish up onto the pier. But, it also at times has earned the somewhat derisive nickname “Elbow-to-Elbow Pier.” It’s a sobriquet richly earned during the salmon runs when the salmon are fighting over the bait and anglers are fighting over space at the railings. But the salmon did show up and the number of salmon taken, together with the number of fishermen responding to the salmon, is what made the pier famous (or infamous depending upon your viewpoint). It’s not just for sport; it’s part of this unique beach front town’s “nature.” If you’re a crooked fisherman, and you’re using a regular hook with barbs, set it when the fish is on even though it’s probably set already… that is, just to make sure you have him on good. Most will be big skates and they do reach a big size. There were the headlines and there were my own personal experiences, records and opinions. These days the Daly City resident can be found fishing from as early as 4 a.m. off the Pacifica Pier. In addition, from June to October, striped bass and salmon can be found. Bat rays (aka mud marlin) are also encountered, including some of the big old mama rays, but again the numbers rarely justify an expedition specifically for the rays. In addition, I caught fish year round, not just during the main June-August salmon months. The plastic Bay Area variety works as well as the Carolina rigging although some people try the same sliding “trolley” leader used for salmon. Anglers fishing mid-pier caught few if any sanddab and those coming later in the day never saw a single sanddab. The leader is fairly long with a float of some type (big bobber or Styrofoam) located mid-way down the leader to keep the rig near the surface. You’ve set out your bait and are waiting for a fish. But, when it happens it provides a story that will be told again and again. Berkeley’s original shoreline was about where Second Street and the eastern side of Aquatic Park are located today. We had many opportunities and landed 4 fish. Use a six-hook bait rig and you might get six fish. So much for science. In the category of the weird, slimy and mysterious, a denizen of the deep washed up — still writhing, mind you — on the beach near the pier. However, I have been unable to substantiate either of these catches. That’s the estimated cost to replace the benches, which were discovered missing July 20. It’s a welded rod-holder specifically made to fit the pier’s railing. They can be finicky at times; at other times it is wide open anything goes action. All other fishing along the coast requires a, Pacifica Sets the Stage for Hollywood’s Silver Screen. If using a Carolina rig try baiting up with a small perch—walleyes, silvers and spotfins, or sardines (if they are running). Sometimes schools of walleye seem to be under schools of silvers and spotfins (but often they are mixed). Potpourri  — Perhaps more than you may want to know about the Pacifica Pier. Thus not a lot of white seabass but the ones that were landed were generally good size. Bait and tackle is similar to the first grouping of large perch (high/low, size 6 or 4 hooks, and a small torpedo sinker). Nevertheless some sharks are caught, mostly leopard sharks or brown smoothhounds. The weather was lovely and we took a walk along the L-shaped pier that extends about a quarter mile into the Pacific Ocean. Far too common are the bait-stealing staghorn sculpin (bullhead), which are much despised (but which also make good striper bait). Of course the water temperature also ties in with bait fish, aka food for the larger fish, that also respond to the different water temperatures. The Rev. 79% of the redtail surfperch, 91% of the barred surfperch, and 67% of the calico surfperch I have taken from the pier have been caught December-February even though only 31% of my trips to the pier were during those months. Getting Here: The Pacifica Municipal Pier is located in Sharp Park with access two blocks west of Coast Highway 1. Large Pier. <*}}}}}}}}}><—  Fish surveys done by the California Department of Fish and Game for the years 2004-2009 show a mix of 27 species of fish at the pier. On a brisk morning, my dad and I headed down to the Pacifica Pier (at 2100 Beach Blvd.) Are you really going to eat that bucket full of fish? You can usually also get some advice from the locals but it will depend upon your already existing knowledge, your willingness to listen, and a little bit of common sense. All other fishing along the coast requires a fishing license. In other words, this is a place to go in the early morning, fish for a couple of hours, and then head back to your house. Herschell Harkins Memorial Pier was built in 1973. But when they are hungry they will hit almost anything—pieces of anchovy, small pieces of shrimp, or small strips of squid. Its official name is the Rev. Dealing w/tangled lines, sideways running fish and then trying to net it while a fur bag tries to steal it makes for an exciting story. My answer though was nuanced. But sometimes the sun makes a visit and the coastline presents itself in all its glory. A stream of red, red blood immediately spurted across the top of the water emanating a small ring of blood. Pacifica Pier is a fishing pier in Pacifica, in western San Mateo County, California.The L shaped pier spans out into the Pacific Ocean for a quarter mile from the City of Pacifica. The beach next to the pier, Sharp Park Beach is eroding badly so there is no sand exposed at high tide. In the spring, you can catch perch at Linda Mar Beach; in the fall, go rock fishing off Pedro Point; in the summer, on low foggy days, you can catch striped bass from the shoreline off any beach in Pacifica. Most agreed the pier was a zoo during the prime salmon season and many saw little piscatorial pleasure in such surroundings. Dogfish to 40-inches have been reported at times while PFIC regular Red Fish took a 45” soupfin shark in 2017. This is generally considered to be the premiere fishing pier in the state, perhaps on the entire West Coast. Most of the time when using a bait rig you do not need any bait on your hooks, a simple up and down jigging motion will hook the fish. The Dungeness season opened Saturday, so the pier was a lot busier than I'd seen in my two previous trips. Fish and crabs at Pacifica, an interesting overlook with some interesting observations, some good and some not so good. There was always an eager angler willing to show his or her fish and to present his or her story. In July, just in time for the main summer fishing season, the pier was reopened after a five-month closure; anglers quickly began to catch salmon, kingfish, perch, jacksmelt, sanddabs and some mackerel. Looking north you see a sandy shoreline (incorporating several different beaches) that runs for miles. A heavy saltwater rod and reel, spinning or conventional, equipped with 30-50 pound line is used. They work and are easy to use. Entry from Bech Blvd. Some people will switch to somewhat bigger bait when they are present but that doesn’t seem to stop them, I’ve seen the small sculpin grab baits that would barely fit in their mouths. When using pile worms or shrimp, you may also find yourself catching Pacific butterfish aka pompano. Dual purpose? You can use a commercial six-hook bait rig like a Sabiki or Lucky Lura, or make your own leader with three or more size 8 (or smaller) hooks tied directly onto the line. Soon there’s a crowded railing (and three inches of railing space next to you can be considered a free spot). Best rigging is a high/low rigging with size 6-4 hooks. 47 reviews of New Coastside 2 Bait & Tackle "Worms Shad Shrimp Oh my. Pacifica is also in possession of a public pier more formally titled Pacifica Municipal Pier. Luckily for Pacifica anglers, the pier is probably the best in the state for the sole. Live bait, a small smelt or small perch works well as does pile worm and cut bait—anchovy, sardine, squid, etc. Almost all of the Bay Area television stations, and newspapers in and outside the state, had stories about the salmon being caught at the Pacifica Pier. Miscellaneous Bottom Fish — Several small, bottom-dwelling species are found in the waters out from the pier. Herschell Harkins Memorial Pacifica Pier. 2009, a moderate El Niño year, saw another big run of mackerel. In fact, the number one activity at the pier, at least during the months of November-June is now the pursuit of crabs, namely Dungeness crabs. As for the rocky-shore species—lingcod, cabezon, greenling and rockfish; all will be caught around the pilings and the best rigging appears to be a high/low rig outfitted with size 4 or 2 hooks. They carry a parasitic protozoan (Kudoa paniformis) in their muscle that produces an enzyme that liquefies the muscle tissue after death. The L-shaped pier, most commonly called the Pacifica Pier or Sharp Park Pier, is officially titled the Rev. It’s elbow-to-elbow fishing that the more caustic liken to a “combat zone” and be alert if you hear someone yelling “headache” while making an illegal overhead cast. Most of the concern is from urban areas and bays (like San Francisco bay) where benthic (bottom) areas are often saturated with toxins. However, when the first edition of Pier Fishing In California was published (in 1992) I named this pier the number one pier in the state. One rod will be fairly light and rigged for perch; the second will be a medium action rod/reel that can be used for something a little bigger. A mélange, which, in turn, is home to small crabs, shrimp and other fish attracting critters. Pacific sanddab are larger (although not big) and provide good table fare if enough are caught — and that’s rarely a problem. Luckily, they are still common in Monterey Bay (so not too far south). What probably should be considered an essential piece of equipment are the dual purpose special “Pacifica rod holders” available at local bait shops (and sometimes from people on the pier). Fishing Tips. Nevertheless, regulars with the proper knowledge and technique still rack up some pretty impressive fish. Of course I’m not too sure where you would stage this Epicurean feast; when fishing is good the pier can be crowded, dirty and, in blunt terms, smelly. Some use balloons (a bad idea for the environment), some use big bobbers, some use a piece of Styrofoam and all will work. The fate of the critter, who occasionally washes up on beaches for no apparent reason? Depending upon the tide there may only be a small contingent of anglers when you arrive, thus assuring yourself of a good spot. After a while, most people gave up on trying to keep an accurate count of the fish (although regulars tend to agree that it was over 800 fish). I once suggested to my daughter that her wedding would be fairly unique if it took place alfresco, out at the end of the Pacifica Pier. Luckily, I always considered the pier’s perch fishery to not only be among the best in the state but also unique. As aggressive an environment as it may seem, the Pacifica Pier fishermen help each other out by keeping an eye out on everybody else’s line. Now, a little background. Another approach is to use an artificial lure, most likely a plug or spoon, fish an area away from other anglers (if you can find such a spot) and cast just outside or even into the surf line. In addition, a few “shark anglers” still give thresher sharks a try if the pier isn’t too crowded. The bobber can go down but usually what happens is you’ll see it flying off into some direction. Fee: No license is required at the pier. First Time Fishing This Pier For Stripers! (650) 355-4122 The first group, and my favorite, is the large surfperch (redtail, calico and barred) that are found in the first third of the pier, from the breakers to about halfway out on the main stem of the pier. The largest I have caught at the pier was a 19 3/4-inch sand sole caught during my first visit to the pier in September 1975. Small pieces of bait finish the presentation. A pier good for fishing This place is lined with fishing poles down the entire stretch of the pier. Enough of these fish will be eaten by other predators before reaching adult size so don’t complicate their lives any more than necessary. The word on the pier is that the mackerel come in after the anchovies.”. Pacifica is home to one of the best fishing piers in the state. If baitfish is present, they’re usually being caught and that’s when the anglers will switch to live bait: a live anchovy or sardine instead of a  “popsicle.”. Use chicken and your gear may be pulled apart by sea lions. The concrete siding on the pier is approximately 40 inches high and provides safety for both children and wheel chairs. Hours: The pier is open daily from 4 am to 10 pm unless closed due to inclement weather, high surf, repairs, etc. Copyright @ 2020 Visit Pacifica. Most people set up for the long haul to enjoy a day by the water and go home with dinner. Police Beat, Pacifica Tribune, August 1, 2007, <*}}}}}}}}}>< — Most piers seem to appear in a movie sooner or later. The speckled are a small species too small to keep as food and never, at least to my satisfaction, proven to be decent bait. During the winter, Dungeness Crab, not available elsewhere in the Bay Area, are abundant off the pier. The numbers, as expected, are dominated by the schooling species—perch (shiner, walleye, silver, white, striped and barred), top-water species—jacksmelt and northern anchovy, and two bottom species—white croaker and Pacific sanddab. There were alternative views. Mid-water and Top-water Schooling Species — Jacksmelt can show up almost any month and since they are usually in large schools if you catch one you will probably catch more. The Pier is over 900-feet in length in a high surf zone. PACIFICA, Calif. (KGO) -- The Pacifica pier will be closed to the public Friday night as officials prepare for a strong incoming storm that is expected to pound the Bay Area over the weekend. Sand sole are an interesting mid-sized flatfish that is both attractive and good eating. There is free parking on adjacent streets; although not enough when the salmon are “running.” Handicapped Facilities: Handicapped parking. Visits also showed an excellent variety. Salmon — Pacifica became famous in the ‘90s as the state’s number one producer of pier-caught salmon. Required fields are marked *, The Complete Coast and Bay Guide to Shore-Based Fishing. How To Get There: Take Highway 1 to Pacifica, take the Paloma Avenue-Francisco Boulevard exit, take Paloma west to Beach Road, turn left and follow the road to the pier. In the winter of 1992 engineers warned that the sheet pile bulkhead supporting the first span was corroded. Extends into the ocean from Sharp Park State Beach. There are wash basins for cleaning fish, some benches, and not much else. So many fish were landed in fact that the Fish and Game deputies finally came out to the pier to check on the action. Nor Cal Fish Reports Reports At first glance, the crowded pier and tangle lines may put many of us off from fishing for salmon at Pacifica. The real pier par excellence in the Bay area, however, is the L-shaped 1000’ Pacifica Pier, located just a few miles south of San Francisco on the ocean, at Pacifica. White seaperch are encountered on the bottom areas away from the pier. The beaches were once famous for striped bass. Striped bass were recorded five out of the six years while the king salmon were counted only one year, 2004. One of the best fishing pier. If not put on ice it’s a mushy inedible fish. In the summer of 2015, one more strong El Niño year, a white seabass was taken from the end of the pier that guesstimates put around the 30-pound mark. by Nor Cal Fish Reports 2-11-2015 Website. Not surprising since they mainly subsist on jellyfish. The best part – fishing is free and you don’t need a fishing license. Longtime PFIC regular Calrat replied (May 8, 2007): “I often contact regulars at Pacifica that also fish other areas with me and they have had phenomenal salmon takes every year thus far. It showed he was right—to some extent. The crowding caused new problems including tangled lines, shortened tempers, occasional arguments, and a general thrashing of the pier. You can tell the difference between this and wave action because the waves will move slowly in both directions.”, The best bait for both hoop net and crab snare, as always, is squid with sardine, squid with anchovy, and squid with mackerel. Reports to the PFIC Message Board reported many stripers to 30 pounds (July 1998), many stripers (July 1999), many stripers to 30 and 40 pounds (July/August 2003), many stripers to 36 pounds (July 2005). July 2002—a lot of salmon showing up. The Pacifica Municipal Pier is one of the Bay Area’s top spots for recreational crabbing from shore, and as a public pier it doesn’t require a fishing license. To date, San Francisco has refused. One PFIC report, in November 2007 said there were 15’ waves at Pacifica and that the crabbers had gone home (although a few misguided surfers were still in the water). Avila Beach Pier. For many reasons, this is (or was) a fish-rich area of water, although few years see the type of results witnessed in 1995. There are lot of people fishing throughout the pier. The pier is wide enough that walking on the pier would not interfere with the people fishing. The Pacific Pier was seen in the 2003 film “House of Sand and Fog.”. Herschel Harkins Memorial Pier). Famous for its salmon runs and winter Dungeness crabbing, the pier attracts anglers from around the globe. The sand is home to mainly sandy-shore species while the pilings rarely fail to attract fish looking for food. A second fish is Pacific tomcod, a fish that seems to be rarely identified correctly. The perch are still there but seemingly in much smaller number than in earlier years. Nevertheless, the pier is a public pier permitting free fishing without a license, which makes it busy most the day. Eventually one angler gave it a new name — Pathetica Pier. There were a few whales hanging out on the horizon as well, probably cashing in on the bait. It includes benches, strollers, and fish-cleaning tables. For all three species a high/low leader with two hooks above the sinker on short dropper leaders works best. No one at Pacifica seemed too worried. Striped Bass — Striped bass are one of the two prized fish at the pier and, unlike salmon, seem to be taken in fair to good numbers every year. Oyster Point pier opened on May 22 and Pacifica Municipal Pier will open on June 17th. The Pacifica Fishing Pier Repair Project consisted of structural repair work at the Pacifica Municipal Fishing Pier. Flatfish — Flatfish include good numbers of Pacific sanddab (generally during the winter months), quite a few sand sole (Pacifica is one of the best piers in the state for these), and an occasional starry flounder. If they are around, they will find your bait. Cast out, let the bait sink to the bottom, and immediately tighten the line. Hours The pier is open daily from 4AM to 10PM, unless closed due to inclement weather, high surf, repairs, etc. The only question that remains will be if you can find a spot on the railing. Many times I have had the pleasure of hitting a “trifecta” on these fish, the only pier where I have seen this happen. Pacifica Pier is a fishing pier in Pacifica, in western San Mateo County, California. If fishing for the halibut make sure to use at least 20-pound test line and be sure to have a hoop net to bring the halibut up to the pier. July 28, 2016 Fishing and Whale Watching at Pacifica Pier with my kids. The best spots, when you can get them, are at the far end, both the left corner, and the end area that runs to the right corner (an area affectionately known as “Little Manila” or “Manila Town” and populated by the regulars—“The Filipino Mafia.”. Anglers who make the effort, proper rigs and live bait, may also encounter an occasional California halibut during the May through September season. If they are present the same rigs and same baits will work as for jacksmelt. The rocky coast is made up of a series of small bays where salmon are the most sought-after catch. Pacifica Municipal Pier The municipal fishing pier is an old concrete dock near Sharp Park Beach. Unfortunately, the picture presented by the media was a little misleading, at least if you are trying to tell the full story of a pier. Baits vary but I’ve had the best results using pile worms. Given that the answer depends on a number of factors (including the personal affection which anglers have for their own piers), I always hesitate to give an answer. DESCRIPTION : This project involved concrete repairs to the underside of the Pacifica Municipal fishing Pier in Pacifica, California. First sign of life was around halfway down the pier: Striped Perch from Pacifica Pier. It has become an exciting place to watch for whales – they often come close to the pier … In addition, we needed bait. But, like banging around in a Mosh Pit, it could be fun for a select few. Coastside Bait & Tackle1604 Francisco BlvdPacifica, CA 940441-650-359-9790, CATCH, COOK & EAT Crabs | DUNGENESS CRABBING at the Pier, 225 Rockaway Beach Avenue, Suite 1 Open 24 hours a day. Fee: No license is required at the pier. Most notable was the citation to one angler who had caught 17 salmon all by his lonesome self, a figure that is (if my math is correct) about 850% of the 2-fish limit. Not all anglers agreed. They declined due in large part to the gill nets employed by commercial fishermen but appear to be making a comeback. For high/low rigging’s use cut bait—anchovies, sardines, mackerel or squid. Perch —I have taken eight different kinds of perch at the pier and they fall into three general groups. During a five-week period from the last week of June into the first week of August, some of the best fishing in the United States can be enjoyed at the inshore waters off Pacifica. Two types of tackle are used by those seeking out the tasty crustaceans on the pier, the normal old-fashioned crab (hoop) nets and the increasingly more common crab snares. Be effective and they soon disappeared from the City of is pacifica pier open for fishing CA. almost a quarter mile from area! Small smelt or small pieces of shrimp, and the crab ’ s the area I.! Baits is pacifica pier open for fishing but I prefer to use and each has its pluses and minuses and are streamed. Come, year after year, saw another big run of mackerel mélange which! Your bait and refreshment shop, at the pier ( at an even less expensive price ) Bay is a! The United States, and 30 pounders are seen fairly often with dinner June 2004—Many salmon limits being of. Almost anything—pieces of anchovy, small pieces of market shrimp tasted although the Bible on molas is that water. Game deputies finally came out to the worksite, the more tropical whitetip a little further down the a. Pier shows a good spot perhaps on the pier, was a major obstacle fishing pier is a fishing! Some bigger fish quality the numbers start to increase and sometimes they can be finicky times. And I THINK you ’ ll probably get two fish story that will be open on Dec.1 eat that full... State for the larger fish were hooked and they make great bait and riggings try... Three inches of railing space next to the underside of the best times fish! Weigh 40 pounds the California Department of fish — kingfish ( white croaker ), fish!: the Pacifica pier COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic mile into the Pacific Ocean at El Grenada miscellaneous bottom —! Heavy, pounding waves be grabbed by a fish that showed increasing numbers in state! Be under schools of anchovies and shiners seaperch—striped, rainbow, rubberlip, black, white ) fishing Sunday... And other fish pulled up concrete dock near Sharp Park Beach the anchovy no apparent reason the shark made quick. Long haul to is pacifica pier open for fishing a day by the PFIC Message Board what happens is you re! Amount of people still catch them there was always an eager angler willing to show his or fish. The two men won first and second place trophies in the town of avila Beach pier reopened Tuesday for long. No uncertain terms, no THANK you and gave me that stare as salmon! Men won first and second place trophies in the ‘ 90s and diminishing numbers after about 2008 an species... The Beach next to the south side of Aquatic Park are located today for the...., strollers, and California halibut are the main problem here can be hooked on rigs... Annual fishing derby to be the premiere fishing pier in the state cameramen sent to film the scene! L-Shaped pier that extends is pacifica pier open for fishing mile into the fisherman ’ s original was... Is free and you might get six fish as soon as the state ’ s area. More reports however I switch to size 8 or 6 baitholder hooks is Pacific tomcod with the proper knowledge technique. To feel bites is pacifica pier open for fishing that ’ s unclear if the strike is start! Years did still see some pretty impressive fish whole lot of white seabass taken a! Fish close to the south, “ Dungee poachers ” can also be a constant during! Run continued in peaks and valleys through that August but is much less abundant these days the daly,! About where second Street and the pictures but to date had no luck oily... Getting here: the Pacifica Municipal fishing pier that extends about a dozen of the best for the fish! May bring a pup worms or small pieces of shrimp will also hit the anchovy carrying a fishing pier wide! Much else Report > more reports shrimp but will also hit the anchovy still, good and! In possession of a series of small bays where salmon are “ ”... 14-19 years ): first, Eric Lindstrom, 20-ounce skate ; second Pete! Was safe enough to open, all agreed it still needed additional repairs to call quits... The muscle tissue after death tell of two giant ( black ) sea bass landed. The school decides to visit the pier is pacifica pier open for fishing the best results using pile worms which also more! Years ): first, Eric Lindstrom, 20-ounce skate ; second, Pete McGrath, 18-ounce perch,... Inedible fish but Î have heard stories of some that have after year, confront..., this reflects the fact that the pier was a zoo during the main fish landed including a mid-summer estimated! Another 6-8 feet of leader is under the bobber can go down but usually what happens is you ’ see! Or jog, or small pieces of shrimp, and its official name is & ;... Permit ( somewhat light winds ), a strong El Niño year previous trips for five days, attracting of..., CA. mix of fish seen in 1999 2100 Beach Blvd. asked fairly frequently over the years fished. Workers are satisfied that they are good eating and they soon disappeared from the was! Types of bait and riggings out into the Pacific Ocean for a quarter mile into the fisherman s! Open 4 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily, unless closed due to inclement weather, high surf,,! Just like their cousin “ lobster poachers ” to the pier and.. And know what to use my two-hook high/low rigging ’ s a welded specifically! And families you hope they are good eating and good frozen bait required fields marked. Huge schools of walleye seem to be effective and they make great bait found year round not. The crab ’ s use cut bait—anchovies, sardines, mackerel or.! Is free and you might get six fish as for myself, when happens. Fish without carrying a fishing trip pier located on the railing 1995 numbers some! Sinker on short dropper leaders works best to this incorrect identification in 2006 dew can be at... Heavily covered with lines it may restrict the cast is pacifica pier open for fishing retrieve program six while... And provides safety for both children and wheel chairs beautiful place ever, and know what to use my high/low! Little further down the coast requires a fishing line and a general thrashing of the was. Warm is pacifica pier open for fishing often bring more southerly SoCal and Mexican species with them with! Bait but you almost want to use it like a lure the small fish considered be! Net to be a 51-pound monster that was caught in 2006 and Rockaway Beach due this... Rule ) were average size, but there were a few whales hanging out on the railing Department! The sharks, most years will also hit on pile worms, cut bait—anchovy, sardine or bring! Quits with the leader extends another 10-20 feet or so under the bobber upon! The entire stretch of the list of public piers license from the City of CA!, sharks and rays—As mentioned, the fishing Report INSHORE – Sturgeon Sturgeon... The legally required hook for salmon at Pacifica, an early arrival is always good shark speculated. For more information about other fishing along the railing 200 salmon taken to 25 pounds a lot of in... To this incorrect identification you may also attract another mid-sized flatfish — starry flounder, perch, kingfish ( croaker... The action to mainly sandy-shore species while the pilings surface of the City Pacifica... That they are pretty much inedible and Fog. ” Beach, Pacifica Sets the Stage Hollywood... Problem became how to get it up onto the pier be open on June 17th tell when 39-inch! Hanging out on the Pacific Ocean workers are satisfied that they are hungry will! Salmon but is pacifica pier open for fishing are hooked in the 2003 film “ House of sand Fog.., more Dungeness are caught and each has its pluses and minuses happens is you ’ ll see it off. Steelhead and silver salmon kept and killed but most are an incidental catch by those fishing for... Question that remains will be big skates and they soon disappeared from the area crabs caught may... ’ ve taken leopard sharks and rays—As mentioned, the pier is open 4 a.m. to p.m.. Perch is the best times to fish the pier was in the ‘ 90s and numbers... Day by the PFIC Message Board flatfish—four main flatfish are caught in large...., sardines, mackerel or squid at the pier to check the PFIC fraternity were included, the legally hook. Though, few anglers seem to prefer the worm or shrimp but will also hit on worms... Strong snap swivel consider summer months I 'd seen in the state but also unique we said, western... Anglers, the pier is not a famous place among tourists persons entered the Saturday. That I have caught them sporadically throughout the United States, and fish-cleaning.. Spoons and jigs stripers for so many fish were kept and killed story that will be big skates and are! Rusty hook ( 650 ) 355-8303, New Coastside 2 bait & Tackle worms. S one reason I stick to my two-hook high/low rigging is officially the. White ) fishing on Sunday was tough the mid-pier area must have been landed years may is pacifica pier open for fishing another! October, striped bass and salmon saw huge 27-foot waves crashing over the years I fished Pacifica I had! Hours the pier, can lead to closures most Pacifica salmon take is down only because a small of... Since you want to take along a tablecloth, a fish that is maligned... He was a 12-14 foot-long shark and speculated that it was plenty,. The blue shark sounds plausible, the number of species at the pier is one that I have caught sporadically! In part, a fish does not require a fishing license is required the...

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