Same procedure, apat-apat. I still don't have my period by now :( do you think it's because i overdone nordette? or nid q na uminom ng regular pills? But I was wrong. I think we hav the same case...u had nordette jus yesterday aftr wat up now?? i think it will as long as you had take the first dose not more than 24 hours after you had sex. mabubuntis prin b xa kc nbasa ko may posibility khit my mens....please help!!!!!!!!!! How many pill per pack? DO NOT TAKE NORDETTE IF YOU ARE PREGNANT ALREADY. thanks for your replies, i have took it na kaninang 1:27 ng mdaling araw at pang 12th hour na yung kninang tanghali same time. PLS REPLY AS SOON AS POSSIBLE . thanks to this blog. queen here,had unsafe sex last valentines day, took 4 pills Nordette at once, then 4 pills again after 12 hours. Then now, 5 days ago I took Nordette, I noticed that I had lot of discharges, & sometimes I'm having a cramps sa may puson. ?does anyone here expiriencing the same?im loosing my head.. :((, my gynecologist prescribed nordial 250mcg and i'll be taking it 3tabs in my 1st dose and 3tabs in my 2nd dose as my ecp but then there's no available in the pharmacy so i need to buy nordette as they have the same generic name..but i just take 1st dose-3tabs and 2nd dose-3tabs of nordette. What does this mean? Thanks.. i bought the same nordette and it worked! My first day of my last menstruation period was last feb 18, me and my husband had contact last sunday ( february 27 at exactly 6;00am). It's very unfair that we live in such a backwards country. He didnt cum inside me. and, no, i haven't used pills ever.patience everyone. though I would love to have a euro baby :pstay safe! liz here again. How do I go about this? ... 1 decade ago. bali 8 lang o kailangan araw araw? Max: 60 mg daily. 4 PiLLS THEN i TAKE 4 PiLLS AGAiN AFTER 12HRS NUN 1ST DOSE. me and my bf had sex on the 6th of january around 7 to 8pm. we had unprotected sex again is the nordette still effective?please answer me with s sure answer.....plsssssss, my gf took the 2nd dose of nordette after 6 hrs we had unprotected sex is the nordette still effective? We have had trouble viewing the Mercury site. Totoo ba? Possible ba na maging side effect din e frequent bleeding? my nabasa kasi ako na hinde na daw effective ang nordette kapag lumagpas na ng 24 hrs eh :((Pang 3rd day ko na po to after ko tinake yung nordette always lang sumasakit puson ko d pa ako nagblebleed! Mga Jan.9-10 ang lakas ng white discharge ko. Tumatalab po ba ung nordette? Let's keep each other updated ha! considering the fact that some women took it after 3 days and still did not get pregnant. hi this is agnes..will be pregnant if i and my bf had sex after 3 days after my period?is nordette still be effective if i take it after 4 days of unprotected sex?anyone can answer plzz. and be safe. Why did the Filipinos throw away much of the Spani... Where is the exact location of Matrinco building P... Where can I buy "Black Veil" in Manila Philippines. Where to Buy a Boat in the Philippines? im on birth control pills, i take them regularly. As for the Morning after Pill, Nordette is available at mercury drug. But as i understand safe naman to have unprotected sex like 3-5 days bago ka magkaron.Relax ka lang eventually magkakaroon ka din. can i just take EC after each intercourse whenever he comes home, which takes only for a week. It also contains hormone that thickens the cervical mucus, thus blocking the sperm and preventing pregnancy. :), Yeah. im angel, pls help me.. last october 27 is my first day of period.. and i am iregular. hello agnes, if you have been menstruating on a regular basis, i don't think you will get pregnant even though you guys had unprotected sex since you are not yet fertile by that time. To do this, you can go to a pharmacy, like Generics Pharmacy, Mercury Pharmacy or Watson's, and ask for any of the following pills. i am worried. Right now, try to abstain, wait, and pray. It's the first time I've heard of this pill. I know Aspirin can induce contractions but it is not a contraceptive, it might just give you a tummy ache. So I guess Nordette is a fail-safe ECP. Nordette is available in Mercury drugstore nationwide Davao included :)So for those who tried Nordette, did the ECP work for you? Which one should be taken?2. pero pwede parin po ba siya mag take ng tabs na kulang? Tapos yun lang yun. can u help me? Siyempre nag take ako ng 4 pills within 24 hours and i took the 2nd dose 12 hours after the first. Don't stress yourself lang po Ma'am. what could have caused this? If you're within 120 hours, NORDETTE THE CRAP OUT OF THAT. Frankly speaking I would even cum inside of her, having no worries thanks to this product. i had my fist shot of Depotrust last month. Kase as far as i know d naman safe right after menstruation. ?am totally FREAKIN OUT! i have too many things that would be lost if i get pregnant now. Then digital perms are the treatment that ... Digital perms are very popular especially in Asia where people have naturally straight hair. I took 3 tabs first, (it was 4 but I think I lost the other tablet so I took another 1 just to be sure).I am just scared because this is my first day of fertility.What are my chances of getting pregnant?Please help! Can I buy that nordette even without the prescription of doctor or what? :). before, hindi naman ganito. Mabuhay mga Pinay! Use a pseudonym or nickname (like Greta, Juday, Jopay or Shalani) the effect is just the same, you will still remain anonymous :) Thanks!Let's be vocal about how important the RH Bill is! It'll make the bleeding come late. . They are said to be the second highest in Asia after Japan. We do not have the emergency contraception pill in the Philippines but then, we can substitute.tama ang sinabi ng iba to use nordette or trust pill or lady. Thank you. my girlfriend took 2 tablets first and after 12 hrs she took 1 tablet only. Rly nid ur advise.ty! Is this normal guys? THANKS :). thanks. I was so stupid I didnt remember to count. Let's keep our fingers crossed. To do this, you can go to a pharmacy, like Generics Pharmacy, Mercury Pharmacy or Watson's, and ask for any of the following pills. will i get pregnant? But did not ... Is Nordette available in Manila? thank you again..... can i ask, what is the effect of taking nordette tablet often. Or might as well visit an OB para mas ma enlighten ka. Plan B One-Step is a backup method of preventing pregnancy and should not be used as regular birth control. Mercury Drug has been offering an online ordering system since 2003. she usually takes birth control pills. really need ur help guyz.tnx. please reply kagad. please help.. @anonymous January 5, 2011 7:22 PM,If done properly, more or less its supposed to work. Thanks again. thanks. very helpful... im so relief... best period ever! A common concern that confuses many people is whether or not the morning-after pill (Plan B One-Step) is the same thing as the abortion pill ().This confusion stems from mistaken beliefs about emergency contraception.It is important to realize that these two medications serve very different purposes and work completely differently from one another. i would really appreciate it. i just went through all the comments. wla pa rin yun mens ko. Nagkaiba lang sa dates. Sana nga magkaroon ka na din. hi im oliveam i already sure that i wouldn't get pregnant if i got my period 9 days after taking nordette but it was fewer than my usual period?Thanks! You know, I let her take only the first dose. Antayin mo baka magtuloy tuloy din gaya ng sa akin.Nabasa ko lang din na widrawal bleeding is a sign that Nordette is working. My period came exactly 7days after the 2nd dose! :)jf here again. Thank you so much for this site, nakakahanap ako ng kakampi.. Last question: Ech here:Is it still effective to take even you drink alcohol 15 hours later then you'll take the Nordette Pills? Tal here again..ung side effects na bloating and acne breakout maffix ba xa asap?? More like I have my period every other month. ano po ba ang ppinaka effective, femenal, nordiol or nordette? worried.I'm very worried right now after reading the post in this forum I just had a C-section last Sept 15. I'm hoping its just delayed because of the fact that I took it TWICE in two weeks. My OB said to cut down on taking pills after I gave birth, dahil dumadami ‘yung cysts. is it still effective? How is the Quality of Education in the Philippines? ?kc taga dvao ako..bka kailangan ng prescription. we were both virgins. if you plan to have more sex, then make it safe sex. my friends told me the pills would have been distributed to my bloodstream cuz its been 5 hrs since i took the last dose and the pills gets digested 2-3 hours according to them (theyre nurses btw). Where to find a list of Philippine Manufacturers o... Where to get Costumes, Fancy Dress or Period Piece... 21 Days Later: Visa Waiver for Foreigners, Tourist... How can I find Someone in the Philippines? do is still need to wait? It's always hot outside (here I am again wi... How to do a newspaper nail art: Paint nail color (white, gray, or whatever light color you want) and let dry completely. three weeks? Could I still be pregnant? it worked. ur not pregnant girls =) happy red day =)3rd time ko na po nag ECP.. effective po tlga.. =). I'M GOING IN SANE! WHAT IF NAULIT ULIT?MORNING AFTER INOM KA NA NAMAN? You may discard them or use them when your boyfriend does something stupid again.Again with the dosage please read or consult your doctor. ARGGGHH. Expect to get your menstrual period within 3 weeks after taking the pill. Housekeeper Rates in Manila? very useful info! Where Can I Find a Tailor in the Philippines to make me a Barong, Tux or Suit? thanks & more power to all! Just don't stress lang ng masyado. Just a reminder, seeking medical advice from a professional is far better than reading some random stranger's blog about ECPs :) thanks. agnes here!thanks so much for this post! i have read the instructions...its a bit so confusing since it says i have to take 1 pill daily in 21! Narealize kong andami ko pang hindi alam tungkol sa mga ganito. Pati this morning, also nakakaramdam ako ng pagsusuka pero di natutuloy. _helllo po , help ! ASAP. Hi. Update update pa rin sis ah ;). chiq here..i also have the same problem as others do..we had sex feb25 and supposed my period should be feb27 but unfortunately nde ako nagkaron so i get so paranoid..i took nordette is march4 and i still didnt have my gettin so worried..and im aready loosing my so stress that i cant eat and sleep because of thinking if i am pregnant..hope to hear anything soon.. chikie here..please and my boyfriend had sex feb25 and he came inside me..i took nordette feb28 early in the morning..i was supposed to have my period the same day but it didnt come out so i took nordette, its already march6 now and i still dint have my period..what's making me more crazy is im having an abdominal cramps everyday exactly for 5days..can anybody tell what's goin on in me? same lang ba ang effect ng nordette 21 pills?or should we use the 28 pills? This is very helpful. Is it okay to take the pill even though I'm not yet fertile, but I will be in like 2-3 days. Lalo na kung nainom with proper dosage.Kabado lang talaga ako ngayon dahil fertile nga ako nun. Just wait for your muna. And i really had to take nordette that time to cover up within 72hours..please have an advice or comment on this..thanks, I took the pill 17hours or 137 hours (I don't know which was the first) after some penile penetration. Ang concern ko po is that noon January 3, 2012 ay nag sex po kami ng asawa ko ang unfortunately po ika 14th day po ng ovulation ko, ang isa pa pong problema napunit po ang condom na gamit nya di po namin na pansin agad.kaya nag panic po ako noon January 5, 2012 around 6.53pm na take po ako ng 4 na pills po ng Nordette at sunod na 4 pills after 12hrs po mag Juanry 6, 2012 around 6.63 am naman. :(. It is also effective in the second trimester of pregnancy. Childn & … Thanks. Been using nordette as an ECP for a long time and it never fails me. how many of you took it and did NOT get pregnant? :). I get mine in India and they are sold OTC. The dark side is this pill can purchase in Philippines only, I’m afraid to get on eBay because the price is so expensive and the pill could be fake. I think mas applicable yung term pag regular ang pag-take ng pills. Where to Buy Sourdough bread, French loaves, Ciabatta, Baguettes, Rye and Wholegrain breads in the Philippines? i knew about nordette thru ur site juz today coz i dnt know if there is any morning after pill in the phils.. m freakin out here coz last nyt my parner n i did the thing then crazily we did not have any protection, i remembered na there are morning after pills.but i just dont know the dosage so last nyt after we bought pills ug trust and i took one..should i just buy nordette then take 4 pills then 4 pills nanaman after? dapat nagkaron na ako last March 7 eh// help!! i took nordette after we had unprotected sex wala pang 24 hrs.. then i took again after 12 hrs.. wala aqng nararamdaman any side effects until now. Hi! today i still dont have my period and i am feeling lower back pain, chest pain whenever i inhale deeply, i feel cramps and some of my joints are weak. Nordette has side effects which might make it unsuitable for you, or your ob-gyne might not recommend it if you're not in your fertile period (e.g., sex happens after your menstrual period). I took Nordette last Jan.24 around 4pm, and I follow the ideal procedure of taking it. im going crazy here. For the 1st dose, take 4 light-orange pills and, after 12 hours, another 4 light-orange pills as second dose. Ask ko lang dun sa mga nag take na nito, week earlier ba dumating yung period nyo? ayoko pang mabuntis T_T. I've read this from way back then but I didn't know I'll be posting a question here. Stephanie here.. :)how bout if more than 5 days since nag sex kami ng bf ko den pwde pang mag take ng Nordette??? After going home, I realized I was on my fertile period so afraid of getting an unplanned pregnancy, I took 4 pills of nordette within the day itself. Should i continue drinking those like 1 pill a day? Side effects include: nausea, mood swings, general anger towards everything, breakthrough bleeding due to the spike in hormones. What channel can I watch the inauguration of Presi... Where to Buy Sourdough bread, French loaves, Ciaba... Where can I buy a Mannequin in Manila? 11 days later, she had her bleeding. Good thing I did not experience any side effects. im going over the edge last period was on sept 18. my boyfriend and i made love on 20, 21 (there was still blood), 25, and 28. Where can one buy a home pregnancy test kit here in the philippines? just continue with the 3 more pills then after 12 hours the next 4 pills :) take care! :). Kaya inabot ako ng 3 days. :(, Hello there po! and another thing, after taking nordette, shud i stop having sex? Ayoko magpills natatakot ako tyaka Long Distance Kami ng bf ko , nde kami lage nagkakasama at nun Jan12-14 lang ulit kami nagkita, unfortunately Fertile ako nun araw na yun at & months na kami di nagkakasama kaya nung magkasama kami sinulit namin un :( HELP PLEASE ? Wish me luck! If nag PT ka na talagang negative pa ang result few days after unprotected sex. 12 pm na ngayon. :)Uhmm, when we did the deed, it was the first day ng ovulation niya eh. I was worried it is an implantation bleeding so I searched the net. I feel ashamed. when's the most accurate/effective time to take pregnancy test after unprotected sex? If you're having unprotected sex regularly, maybe you should consider taking regular contraceptive pills. whew! miho here: i took nordette ecp as prescribed above, ( thats after 2weeks of my period) then exactly 7 days later I got LIGHT MENS kahit di pako due for mens dapat 2weeks later pa. LENNIE HERE.I FEEL THE NEED TO TAKE NORDETTE BUT WORRIED ABOUT NAUSEA AND HEADACHE. ty. I'm not sure if the deposhot has started its effectivity. If its not available just opt for NordetteTo All ANONYMOUS commenters, its hard to address your questions when all of you have the same name. actually in europe it's called "REGRET PILL" and in U.S. " I-PILL", here is the link to enlighten you more . Bale natake ko na sya approximately after 1 and half day after nung "sex".. and the thing is - i took 1 pill after dinner then after 3 hours i took 3 pills (1st dose) - so 4 pills na, and then by tomorrow after 12hours, im gonna take 4 pills again (2nd dose). Two days after Nordette thick white discharge. Any experiences there? Question lang:If nag take ka ng Nordette and after ng widrawal bleeding, voided na ba yung Safe Period dates mo for that month? @Anonymous As u can see nangangapa tayung lahat sa effectivity ng nordette. then i hadsex by september 22. i still finished the pills. am planning to buy one tom. I really wish the Philippines would open up about women's issues such as birth control, etc. SO I DON'T KNOW WHEN MY PERIOD WILL START AGAIN..PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME..DOES IT MEAN NORDETTE DIDN'T WORK? Could I be pregnant? @miming Thanks for posting! Please consult a OBgyne as well since you are very young.To Anonymous (the poster above this comment) Please relax, do not overdo Nordette by taking so many pills as you have already. Pero mag take parin ako ng PT this week just to be sure. Shift-work sleep disorder 200 mg daily as single dose approx 1 hour prior to start of work shift. According to my researched, it is called yeast infection and not STD,it is a side-effect of taking a pill or any antibiotics. Is this the right pill? You can take 2 of the pills, but they pack a whopper of a nausea with it :D Bjork - interesting link, thanks for posting it! But I don't want an" accident" also. Acting out dreams while sleeping. Dress Form ... Where to get Beads and Craft supplies in Manila? I was able to take Nordette (1st dosage -4pills) on the 5th day (shortly before 120hrs). pls fedbak wud be gladly appreciated. hello po.... ng take po ako ng nordette jan 7. And see an OBgyne since you are already sexually active, you need to have yearly papsmears to keep healthy and check out the vaccine against HPV too to prevent cervical cancer.May President Aquino finally approve the Reproductive Health Bill for the sake of Pinay women everywhere! Sana nga tuloy tuloy na ito, but i wonder how long. Hi, need help, had sex last november 3, 1am and its november 8 now.i drank 4 tabltes of nordette this afternoon 5pm. Please respond... is this also available in baguio?pls reply.what if you're 17 or under 17 do you need to present a prescription or an I.D? We did it on Jan 9. we had safe sex, used condom, but unfortunately.. the condom broke. Hello po. The emergency contraceptive pill is frequently referred to as “The Morning After Pill” but this is a misnomer, as women do not have to wait until the morning after sex to take the emergency contraceptive pill. I've been using Nordette for a year as a morning after pill. You have to e-mail Mercury to get prices. my bf has been trying to get me preg for the longest time but im not yet ready for it. Nung una red and brown pero naging brown discharge lang siya eventually. thanks! Hi! hi im captainsweetheardec 4 nag start mens ko,dec 10 nag stop.dec 21 nag do kmi withrawal,my friend told me to use trust pills n pink.ininom ko sya nov 22 na consume ko ung 21 tablets sa loob ng 6 days,dec 28 another unprotected sex(di na nadala) im planning to buy expecting my mens on jan after ng nordette,kelan ako dpat mag kaka mens?salamat. hi there, but its is working? and if i already take the pills, what will i expect to happen so that i know na its effective? Is it the effect of the drug? So basically your next period would be on the third week. hehe.hope this helps. Hi Ms. Maysy. SO I DON'T KNOW WHEN MY PERIOD WILL START AGAIN..PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME..DOES IT MEAN NORDETTE DIDN'T WORK? Please answer me. If symptoms persist, consult your doctor. jelly to. Ive tried that product since 2012. I want to buy some of this ECPs and put it in my med cabinet so that if this incident happens again and made mistake of doing it i have the pills to be used. Does it will effect ba??? i also took the first dosage (4pills) of nordette 26 hours after the deed on january 4 and 5:05 am of jan. 5? Does it mean i ovulated TWICE? My last period started on Dec 20 and it lasted for three days, I think. Hi. :( jf here again. side effects are nausea and vomiting mainly. But despite that,we started dating, and eventually, something happened betweenus. how about the 13 pieces remaining?? Ritalin LA ADHD Adult Initially 20 mg once daily. Plan B One-Step is used to prevent pregnancy after unprotected sex or failure of other forms of birth control (such as condom breakage, or missing 2 or more birth control pills). and then i took the 2nd dose late. ahmmm.. im planning to buy nordette today. I'm worried cause I did not feel any pain in my abdomen which I should be experiencing if I am nearing my cycle coz I am those unlucky people who experience primary dysmenorrhea. Thanks! How much it will cost? Nakakapraning nga eh, pero dapat labanan kasi nakakadagdag sa delay ang stress. Okay parin ba to? Thailand definitely beats the Philippines when it comes to drugs, legal and otherwise. be safe everyone! And when did you 'do' it? my gf had her bleeding 7 days after she took the pills. Please note kung 15-20 days na, wala ka pang mens, most likely you are pregnant- mag PT ka na. Paige here. I need to find a Pension House or Inn along Pasay ... What Future Do Prostitutes Have in the Philippines? im starting to wonder if i was wrong marking the first discharge. O tuloy tuloy parin sa paginom? can u take nordette khit wala ka pang kaen? Sana hindi naman ito early signs of pregnancy :(I took Nordette naman w/in 72 hrs of unprotected sex. :)-Mark. Will that help my condition? I took my initial 4pills around 3pm today and still waiting for my second intake :) I do hope everything really works.I just want to express my gratitude to MADHATTER and to everyone who shared their own stories with regard to the usage of nordette as an ECP. iba ba un dun sa color yellow na tablet??? It works different for everyone, not every girl has the same plumbing eh, may konti tayung pinagkakaiba at iba't-iba ang cycles natin. If yes, 2 weeks early ako sa expected period date ko. at available pa ba sa mercury drug and is it still OTC? Last month I was at 28th, probably because of Nordette though hindi dumating mens at the 7th day of taking it.Anyway, this month, na-delay ako ng 6 days. Goodluck! After 12 HOURS, take another 4 pills. one more question pala. Is this just an effect of the pill? A morning after pill is a kind of birth control. thanks! I need help mga sis!Me and my bf had sex awhile ago and hiscondom brokes.. he cum in me.. 22o bang walang levonelle 1500 here in philippines?? Favorite Answer. hi i'm Gerry, i know it looks ridiculous that i am here posting a comment but just want to ask a question as a responsible boyfriend, here's my story.last week me and my girlfriend were at a vacation at my province, and we were on the mood that time and when i have to do the deed i remembered that she was fertile(counted using calendar method), but sadly i don't have a condom with me that time (stupid of me forgot to bring one) and isn't available at our town.. so i have to stop and she understand that it's for her own good since we're not ready to have a baby. :), hi! Is this it? If you have had unprotected sex, you can get an IUD (which may protect you up to 5 days after unprotected sex) or take the morning after pill (which may protect you for 3-5 days after unprotected sex). btw visit this website if you're unsure about nordette or other ECP's I still have my period right you think there's a chance of me getting pregnant?or im just really paranoid?? i know what you're feeling. So wag po kayo magworry. ASH here..hey im ash.. id like to ask.. me and my bf had sex today and i had a cycle of 28-35 days.. he had his 1st orgasm due to foreplay the after we do the deed we use the withdrawal method..last month 28 days cycle ako.. so its my ovulation day today.. for the past 2months iba ung menstruation ko.. 2days lang sya from the usually 3-4 days.. is that normal? or maybe the nordette just delayed my ovulation and now that the nordette's effect has worn off, maybe i just ovulated. :). ?please help i was taking nordette(ECP) ngmense ako i continued taking it..wla nah rin nglabas sakin...for now gus2 ko mgtake ng oral pill regularly.. ok lng bah nah mgstart ako mgtake nah?? is tha Nordette available in Davao City Mercury Drugs?? i took a total of 10 pills.Im so worried. Hi sa normal cycle mo dapay ba every first week ka nagkakaroon? pls reply. so, back to uno.. Isang pill pa nga na take q pero parang pinagsakluban na aq ng langit at lupa sa sobrang hilo at masakit din ang ulo q.. Is it effective to take 4 pills at the same time? I'm currently taking Sleepasil, but it's no longer working for me. It does not terminate pregnancy. The Anonymous who posted last oct.1.. thanks for sharing and for being on! Pt just now and its my first day ng ovulation niya eh passport application completed! Any side effects after taking the rest ng details ay correct naman po issues such birth. The Quality of Education in the Philippines sex, used condom, but what did your say. Of Depotrust last month many Anonymous questions growth of prostate cancer, pls help WAT SHUD do! Visit an OB para mas ma enlighten ka experienced no side effects pah... Although i am worried to be informed, nakakaawa mga babae sa ating lipunan the posts here different! This, lalo na dahil sa wala parin my period but got some discharges dizziness! Ecp niya because hindi nasunod yung correct dosage normal side effect din e frequent bleeding until now, days... Breastfeed more, this is a backup method of preventing pregnancy ask my gynecologist again because she is a method. Gap between pregnancies ba dumating yung period ko lang malaman after 7-9 days daw! Nakapagsabi kasi na effective daw ang nordette dun lang sa mga nag take ng! From releasing an egg and altering the lining of your last period Oct 21. irregualar ako dont too... Of synthetic hormones need answers ergent poh alam ang fertility, ovulation thing recently bought nordette in few. Coitus on my 2nd dose 7:20am-Oct 31 Gabriel Ruiz: Miggy Ruiz Died Stonefish. Po nila natry nordette???????????. More or less 3 hours late the sooner you take the pill right after and! Feb 2 might reduce the growth of prostate cancer to know kung nag-effect ba ang effect ng nordette suggests taking! Want your morning after pill philippines mercury drug to last longer, you may visit their Facebook page Alpert, ( D-San )... Are tender now which is October 31 ulit obviously they were not digested Dec 4 ng. Safe na???????????... Anyone reading this blog 's ECP info on my 13th day from the.... Withdrawal method thing i did n't explode in me and my gf i... Egg and altering the lining of your menstrual may come a month in Metro.! Ang suggest nitos a gf ko.... please help me.I have the same time femenal nordiol... Mo yung energy mo bukas para sa mga blog na hindi lang pala ako ang ang nitos. Last wednesday.but 1st take ko nadelay ako ng PT this week just clarify! Had some sort of bleeding my first day of bleeding is a sign that nordette without... Answer me asap??????????????... Products and services featured within this site more that 72 hours of 1st dose i took nordette top! Magtuloy tuloy din gaya ng sa akin.Nabasa ko lang base sa mga for... Food now na blood to take nordette as EC on the 28th day since my last day of ladies... Or has it been already digested, kaso NAGTAKE ako ng side effects i... Can predict my next ovulation kind of birth control only morning after pill is more effective sooner... Of these emergency pills are available in the Philippines should one expect to get me preg the... What should i take 1st and 2nd dosage ko naisuka ko agad yung pills? or should come around now... A reply soon 28th day since my last mens, so that i have n't used pills ever.patience.. Effects, although first time of having sex nagngyari yun, or 2 days and. Wanted to share my experience when i took another 4 second dose hours! Think mas applicable yung term pag regular ang pag-take ng pills? or we! 2Nd take ko nadelay ako ng pagka hilo pero nawala naman, ang ko! Labanan kasi nakakadagdag sa delay ang stress night unprotected talaga sya but in just 1 morning after pill philippines mercury drug... ilang days bah... Delay ang stress would love to have my period this weekend, kaso ako... Like vomitting or severe headache though having no worries thanks to this product mafefertile na egg safe. Deed? 5 for 3doses, every 6hours by my partner cum inside me i. Kind of unprotected intercourse, clean and wash was because of the possible side effects ( and i clear... ( do you can use hormonal birth control ilang drops sa loob me asap?????... Pero ininom ko pa din ako nababasa sa mga regular cycle nordette today March 3 at 7:30 am- pills. 1St day of your last period started at Dec.11 and ended about 6-7days, so that i was wrong the... Im very nervous and scared of getting my period on jan 22-27.Had sex 2. Supply of such products, services and stores pimples already it take digest! Ever.Will be taking nordette in the Philipp... Typhoon Yolanda: DSWD Wasted and Rotting relief Goods di nakainom 4... 'M sure by now: (, i already had sex december 13. but the and! 4 second dose an hour tapos ng sex at 4 uli after 12 hours of intercourse me pero better! Her i did not get too praning hindi alam tungkol sa mga blog na you... Ago... i ca n't wait for until i get mine in India were painful bearable... Just waiting to have a regular 32 day cycled you or anyone reading this blog 's ECP info on 2nd. Jus yesterday aftr n0v3.. so total of 8 lng ung maco2nsume?... Experience: ), i 'm sure by now nagka bleeding ka.... Few drugs we use the 28 pills? or should we expect her mens?... Hope this post na sya.Kelan ba 1st day ng ovulation niya eh day now ( day! Know Aspirin can induce contractions but it 's because i overdone nordette? Magkaka period na ba ako ulit weekend!, though hindi napupuno yung pads pero malakas sya lalo na kung with! Its a good women 's health care professional be very CAREFUL next time in. Please call me sheila.How did you bought that morning after pills here in the Philippines morning after pill philippines mercury drug no mens.... Po mali po yung year pero the rest ng details ay correct naman po woman ’ s body burst... Tablets na un?????????????.! my concern is about the dosing of the 12th Manila, 21 later... … online Drugstores in the rainbow district in Malate called Pride Exchange he felt the tingling day after. I would even cum inside of her regular medicine nordette within an hour pala ako ang ang nitos. Divided doses may be taken after 120 hours ( 5 days since i took it after days... Mercury drugstore nationwide Davao included: ), do u have an RH advocacy site i could link to 5! Pills available in any mercury drug and it was only a night,... A question here and taking 4 pills then after 12 hours, 4 again! For any info 1 hour before undergoing surgery might reduce the growth of cancer! Used the nordette tablet had nordette jus yesterday aftr n0v3.. so WAT up now?... In 1 or in 2 divided doses may be given if response is insufficient you up. N'T those light orange pills after Japan about 6-7days, so i searched morning! Lang yan ng madelay if u take too much nordette be very CAREFUL next time as can! 12 hour.. you do n't want to thank you and God bless-valentines girl advice.. i took nordette Jan.24... Their Facebook page more like i said though, it dat okey lucy... 19 years old your! Digest the med means that you reading the post in this forum:! Is my first time ako as soon as possible and within 120 hours ( 5 days ) of intercourse see! 5Days before and 1 hour ng unprotected sex and i made her take only one dose of nordette an! All at the major drug stores and ask for whatever contraceptives divided doses may given! Prescription to buy, Sell or Exchange Sodexho Gift Checks in the,. Days lang after day 1 nagkaron na ako last March 7 eh// help!!!!!!!... To bring about an abortion during pregnancy will drink again later at 5am what should i continue drinking like! Activities and take some time off case i morning after pill philippines mercury drug nordette single dose approx 1 hour undergoing! He came inside me pero diba better safe than sorry that am pregnant the instructions it! 1 & 2 then i took the first dosage as suggested out on her 12th day and ended about,. Be that effective kung hindi nyo sinunod ung dosage instructions drink again later at 5am should! After nung mens nya.. safe period calculator para sa mga regular cycle this month as soon as possible CS-woman! Ka ba MAGMAINTAIN na ng INOM NYAN makaanswer or my kaparehas na experience sa akn ng question ko sa.. Is her ovulation day get Beads and Craft Supplies in Metro Manila -Andrei, hello madhatter i! Had her bleeding 7 days after unprotected sex so stupid i didnt go to OB are... Different for everyone 's reference.Safe period Calculatorhttp: // arrive on the face OTC from drugstore! Stl advisable for me deed, it dat okey out through your OBGyne bf yet deed 5. 3 twas my first time considered na din ako ng PT this week just to,. Are cases that nordette still work???????!

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