Whether it's fake sword fighting, pretend gunplay, or a superhero scene recreated, parents may cringe at the idea of make-believe violence where kids pretend to kill each other. JOSH Who? KATIE A mask that hides your face. MICHAEL So you make your face a mask. ACTOR 1/RUMOR What? Your B's and C's could be all A's. KATIE List of what? 25._ JOSH Awww, man. MATT Made it part of you. Why's it so easy to talk to you now? EMILY Can't find the buck in the scope--MICHAEL Because your hands are shaking. My life sucks. KATIE Pierced my brothers' and sisters' hearts. Producing this play in a lot of communities turns kids who hunt into suspected killers. MATT Why me? KATIE I have no idea, but he did me a favor. KATIE Say for example your boyfriend says he's gonna meet you at the mall and take you to a movie but instead he goes hunting. (Voices laugh mockingly.) JOSH I thought it would be fun. They listen.) JOSH Cool! KATIE Grandpa comes out of breath. JOSH Someday, somebody's gonna laugh once too many times. JESSIE Mindless. How else could I tell you what's on my mind without you interrupting? ALL Never. JOSH Promised I wouldn't tell. EMILY A heart nobody knows. Did you mean what you wrote on the blackboard? MICHAEL Or really know myself. Josh didn't shoot the buck? JESSIE I miss caffeine. (Actor 1, as Grandpa, takes a polaroid picture, hands it to Josh.) (Jessie squeezes catsup into Michael's hand. KATIE Eight pointer. Michael enters asking Katie to go with him to get some food, Jessie rushes in to tell Matt she's been accepted to college. (Matt and Emily squeeze catsup in their own hands during Jessie's line.) PLACE: The space is a void, in which any action might be possible. ACTOR 3/RUMOR Ever hear of the Constitution and the right to bear arms? gun JOSH Twelve gauge. EMILY Not ever. 50._ (Voices laugh mockingly.) Once the room is full, the game begins. 19._ JESSIE You both bounce on the seat. JOSH It's simple math. The snapshot's a fake? Deal? KATIE That old logging road is full of ruts. How'd Josh take it? They see you in camo holding your rifle. ACTOR 4/RUMOR What killer? MICHAEL Like sneak in an empty classroom? ACTOR 4 She's looking at you, Josh. EMILY Your buck takes its last breath...You almost let yourself weep. JESSIE Extra cheese. ACTOR 5 Slam dunk. MICHAEL You'll never achieve your dreams. EMILY The buck turns and runs like the wind. One script per cast member is required. (Josh throws a tantrum pounding on the floor shouting "It's over." ACTOR 1 (AS PUBLIC DEFENDER) Josh was a good student, a popular student, a good son. MICHAEL I'll never make new friends. JOSH How's it go? KATIE I don't think w e should see each other anymore. JOSH Why not? Õ! " MATT Or get washboard abs. BANG BANG: The game begins by the facilitator calling out the name of someone in the group. Bang, Bang, You're Dead rejects this out of hand and gives everything a shade of grey, yet moves back, forgivably, from the logical climax to make a point about the theatricality of school life, much like the play on which it is sort-of-based. (A female voice in the dark starts to hum and then sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" under the monologue) Dad? Everybody. "Bang, bang! KATIE Who is it? JOSH Love that feeling. Bang Bang You’re Dead Showtime offers a provocative and sobering look at school violence with "Bang Bang You're Dead." (Chorus exits. ACTOR 2 (VOICE IN THE DARK) The great hunter's gotta repeat the grade. I had my whole life before me. ACTOR 4 You can be whatever you wanna be-- JOSH 'Cause a gun in your hand is a Ph.D. (Lights on Actor 1 and Actor 3 as Josh's parents. It is strongly based on the events surrounding Kip Kinkel's shootings of his parents on May 20, 1998, and 27 of his classmates at Thurston High School in Springfield, Oregon on May 21, 1998. MATT A face that hides the pain. EMILY (TO DECEASED) I miss singing to the radio in front of the mirror. Josh jumps to his feet.) My parents don't see me. (These lines begin to overlap.) KATIE Hours on a cold, wet log covered with moss. You made me do this. MICHAEL And make a marriage work. There's a rumor that you're a big hit with the girls. ACTOR 5 (AS COP) You see anybody go in or come out of the classroom? MICHAEL But you must go home a man by the end of the day. JOSH It's just for laughs. ACTOR 2/RUMOR What a dork! ACTOR 4 (AS PSYCHOTHERAPIST) Josh, I'd really like to run some medical tests to see if we can relieve your pain with medication. (Josh mimes a rifle. Kids laughing at me! You can't call up and order a pizza. My rifle holds five bullets. EMILY I'll never be married in a white dress and have a huge wedding. And they're not laughing anymore. MICHAEL Scars on body and mind. KATIE Dissect you like a frog. 31._ (All laugh. 9._ JESSIE Pierced the hearts of parents who send their kids to school. JOSH The looney bin? Duh. KATIE I'll never be an aunt. Who's he mad at? JOSH Once upon a time. KATIE You remember why you're there. JOSH I hate you both. JESSIE Its chest heaves as blood pulses out like catsup-- EMILY Its legs kick as if to run on the air. How is all that bad? (At the director's discretion, cut one or two of the following sections (5 or 10 lines) and let the actors improvise. Terrill was one of 13 cast members in a local production of "Bang, Bang, You're Dead," a play that explores the mind and heart of a character named Josh - a 15-year-old who has shot and killed his parents and five of his schoolmates. Silence. MATT You're taken by its beauty. MATT And you have a profound thought: JOSH Hunting sucks. ACTOR 2 (VOICE IN THE DARK) No more pain. 10,260 listeners David Ramirez. EMILY Never fly a helicopter. Can't you smile in your moment of glory? EMILY We really need some answers, Josh. JOSH Does it hurt? ACTOR 1 (VOICE IN THE DARK) They'll take you to the looney bin! 20._ MATT Wishing you were still in a warm bed. Works every time. At school the teachers are giving this test and that paper and don't do this and don't do that. ACTOR 5 (AS PRINCIPAL) The instructor said you took a very long bathroom break. (Let the following rumor lines overlap in succession: Actor 5 begins, "I wonder..." Cue Actor 1 with, "What? ACTOR 5/RUMOR I wonder if he really killed the buck. Tagged: bang bang you're dead, school, School Shooting, play, script, bang bang youre dead, page 2, . MICHAEL (JOINING IN) And pretending I'm in concert. JOSH You see anybody bleeding? MICHAEL Fingers go numb. (The deceased stand in a circle and push Josh around like a ball.) KATIE Doesn't matter. Josh has killed his parents. JOSH Shut up. (With background music. One by one the rest join him.) Thursday, February 12, 2009. ACTOR 4 (VOICE IN THE DARK) Only you can make them stop, Josh. (Josh is astonished they know about his hunting experience. JOSH Think so? I wish you would just die so I wouldn't have to look at you anymore. KATIE Or sail a boat. Every bullet has somebody's name on it. Waiting for six a.m. KATIE Waiting to shoot your new rifle. MATT Why them? MATT I miss sneezing. EMILY Never know what you could've been-- 16._ MICHAEL Done-- KATIE Seen-- MATT Had-- JESSIE Known-- EMILY Loved in your lifetime. JOSH You'll be the only person who knows besides me. KATIE Why anybody? We could go out this coming weekend. ACTOR 5 B.B. (Short drum rhythm. is the person who died. JOSH No. ACTOR 2/RUMOR What? MATT I miss singing in the shower. (Lights on Actor 1 as Josh's dad.) JOSH Who cares? Love that! JOSH I can't do this! ACTOR 3 (AS JOSH'S MOM, VOICE IN DARK) Josh? These two set porps function as the cot, judge's bench, pri ncipal's office, Grandpa's truck and any other furniture or space defining objec t for which the actors endow them. ACTOR 1 (AS JOSH'S DAD) Of course not. ACTOR 4 (AS PSYCHOTHERAPIST) Kids you know? ACTOR 1 (AS JOSH'S DAD) I think you should calm down. MATT I miss hanging out. Producing this play in a lot of communities turns kids who hunt into suspected killers. EMILY Took its pride. JOSH Don't know. They turn the box on its side, open the lid. DECEASED Paducah, Jonesboro, Springfield. ä¯ ´ ´ ( ( ( ( ( ( ÿÿÿÿ BANG BANG YOU'RE DEAD von William Mastrosimone 1. Play all Evening Hymns. ACTOR 4/RUMOR No wonder he walks around all big and bad. 61._ ALL Never. My life is junk. Josh is feeling vulnerable that they know his mind.) Josh touches her blood and cries out. TIME: Now. JOSH You talking to me? MICHAEL And that's not fair. EMILY The kid that nobody knows. JESSIE In a zoo of misfits. JESSIE Cramming your brain? Deceased follow again, but not so closely, perhaps upstage.) How can you know all that? (Voices laugh mockingly.) 40._ (Josh turns to find the school principal in his face.) EMILY Even until your release. Josh lays back on the bed. ACTOR 5 (AS PRINCIPAL) You do? JOSH I will. Your’e Dead”. JESSIE Grandpa watches you load the rifle's magazine. (Josh pushes Michael who pushes him back and knocks Josh to the ground. ACTOR 1 (AS GRANDPA) Now you wait here. JOSH (speaking words as he writes them:) "Everybody...in...this...class...is...dead...meat." DECEASED AND CHORUS DEAD! MICHAEL Nobody's sneaking around, Josh. ACTOR 2 (VOICE IN THE DARK) Don't chicken out now! ACTOR 1 (AS GRANDPA) Let's go, Josh. Five bullets, five people. JESSIE Your favorite movie. MICHAEL Cheeseburgers. It's over! ACTOR 4 (AS PSYCHOTHERAPIST) Why did you write on the blackboard, Josh? (Josh stands amid the actors 1-4 and the deceased who make idle chatter like kids gathering in the auditorium. (Turning to Josh. KATIE I miss going in a grocery store and being able to buy anything I want. — JOSH The buck sees me. ACTOR 4/RUMOR Who knows? JOSH He didn't say but he's like Santa Claus--making a list, checking it twice. JOSH Stupid! (Actor 3 as Josh's mom kneels and gestures to the body we can't see.) ACTOR 2 (AS JOSH'S DAD, VOICE IN DARK) Josh? You home? Josh enjoys them thinking he's finally escaped the deceased.) Whatever the case... JOSH Blackboard phantom! Anyway, thanks for listening. KATIE And start again. Keep still. (Lights on Actor 3 as Josh's mom.) JESSIE Part of your mask. JOSH Like the movie. The plot focuses on Josh, a high school student who murders his parents and five classmates. "Bang Bang You're Dead" is a story about a kid named Josh, who is in holding to be trialed for the murder of his parents and 5 of his classmates. Nothing happens! Hey, Josh. KATIE A mask that hides your face. JESSIE Kill the magnificent-- EMILY Kill the strong-- MICHAEL Kill the proud-- KATIE Kill the keen buck. DRUMMER (AS CON) Yo, bad boy. 11._ MICHAEL We're gonna open you up. I thought I could just hit the reset button and start over. ACTOR 2 Air gun. ACTOR 5 (AS PRINCIPAL) We compared the writing on the blackboard to your last essay in English class. Michael and Emily shoot each other at the same time. Michael shoots Jessie who falls dead. Is this the rest of my life? There is a stooland and a big black box. EMILY I miss seeing Jody when she has that look on her face that she's got another stupid joke to tell me. Josh interrupts.) ACTOR 4 It's an A-plus. Production Order Order here Order scripts and other material for your entire cast and arrange your royalties here. (Music fades out. (Emily steps forward, flashlight under her chin.) JESSIE I miss sleeping. JESSIE A game. It's over. JOSH Sit in hot class all day while other kids can do what they want? I can't bring you back to life! ACTOR 3/RUMOR Maybe they found out who did it. ACTOR 4 (AS PSYCHOTHERAPIST) It died. JOSH Why not you? He slaps it on his hat, on the side of his head.) Stop it! ACTOR 5 (AS JURY FOREWOMAN) Without possibility of anything good. JOSH I'm just a friendly guy. (Music continues. There's only one explanation—temporary insanity. Deceased and Josh remain.) MATT I'll never have a chance to make dad proud of me. JOSH When you have a gun, people talk nice. JOSH Who's that? © William Mastrosimone 1998, 2009. They then join t… (Deceased carry the box back to original place.) That forgiveness is for the forgiver. JESSIE I miss getting into a fight with my brother and acting like nothing happened five minutes later. EMILY And you'll see us over-- MICHAEL And over-- KATIE And over-- MATT Again and-- JESSIE Again-- EMILY As you saw us yesterday in the school cafeteria. (Katie crosses to a new position to look at Josh. ACTOR 5 (AS PRINCIPAL) Do you want to make it easy and confess? Dis of dises. JOSH It was fun. Whether you’re on holidays, a tiresome road trip or simply with friends at the office, Bang Bang You're Dead (BBYD) can add a bit of spice to your days. (Lights off Actor 4.) Never! ACTOR 5 Water gun. 44._ ACTOR 4 (AS PSYCHOTHERAPIST) Your football coach praised your team spirit. KATIE Michael wouldn't like that. ALL Never. JOSH So did I. MATT (Matt squeezes catsup on his shirt collar) How'd it feel to shoot me through the neck? Throughout the play, Josh has been grappling with his actions: READ MORE - PRO MEMBERS ONLY Join the StageAgent community to learn more about this monologue from Bang Bang You're Dead and unlock other amazing theatre resources! MICHAEL I'll never know what it is to live on my own and be independent. ACTOR 3/RUMOR Killed a buck. JOSH What is this? ACTOR 5 (AS PRINCIPAL) But if we discover who he or she is...The punishment will be severe. I can take only so much! Josh confronts them.) ACTOR 2/RUMOR What about Jonesboro and Springfield? A voice in the dark. JESSIE The whole truth. MICHAEL A buck. ACTOR 2 (VOICE IN THE DARK) Do it in the living room for your parents to see. JOSH When I hear the voices. I don't even know you. JOSH In my head. JOSH Why'd the chicken cross the road? ACTOR 3 (AS WITNESS) Josh pulled the wings off a butterfly when he was five and he plagiarized on a paper for English class. We've taken your rifle away. MATT And get love. ACTOR 4 (AS PSYCHOTHERAPIST) That's not required. JESSIE Never explore the caldera of a volcano. MICHAEL Why do you have to shoot me through the head? (Drum returns. ACTOR 2 (VOICE IN THE DARK) No more pain... JOSH Who said that? KATIE Excuse me. ACTOR 4 (VOICE IN THE DARK) Boom. JESSIE Utterly taken by its feral beauty. 53._ (Josh flicks the flashlight twice.) ACTOR 2/RUMOR Katie dumped him for Michael. ACTOR 1 (AS JOSH'S DAD) First you had to have a p.c., then every video game ever made, then a laptop-- JOSH For school, dad. JOSH That's dumb. MATT To kill. JESSIE A pain that eats your heart. Bang Band You're Dead! EMILY Because it hurts to see a-- MICHAEL Beautiful-- KATIE Magnificent-- MATT Proud-- JESSIE Keen buck dying on the ground. The deceased train their flashlight beams on the parents as they enter.) KATIE Why would the blackboard phantom confide in you? EMILY And nothing but the truth. (All laugh.) ACTOR 3 (AS JOSH'S MOM) All summer. Why'd you kill us? Learn more . We get a chapter in the present, then a chapter of something else. JOSH (LAUGHING) Some lawyer'll get me off. Cookies help us deliver our services. KATIE Why do you have to shoot me through the heart? JOSH How do I do this? KATIE I miss soda fizz tickling my nose. I'll be Josh the joke forever! You used to sing that to me when I couldn't sleep. 1. ACTOR 3/RUMOR Yeah, and maybe it's you. He's only your father. KATIE Why'd you have to kill me? (From behind Josh, they startle him.) Actor 2 stands behind box and bangs the gavel. MICHAEL A hand written letter. ACTOR 2/RUMOR I think it's Randy. A wooden box that serves as a jail bed, a coffin, a judge’s bench, a truck seat, a table, etc. JOSH Wow. JOSH If I told you then I would have something to say, wouldn't I? JOSH Felt like it, okay? JOSH Lay off me. ACTOR 1 (AS JOSH'S DAD) You can't talk that way to us anymore. JOSH How's it go? 34._ ACTOR 4/RUMOR How are we supposed to get an education dodging bullets? ACTOR 1/RUMOR That's stupid. ACTOR 1/RUMOR The principal's calling an assembly. EMILY You watch its life run out. MICHAEL Eat you for dinner. DreamScope Theatre’s Debut play “Bang, Bang, You’re Dead!” was staged at Townhall with an intent to raise awareness on adolecent issues and bullying. Deceased follow.) JOSH Where is it? ACTOR 4 (VOICE IN THE DARK) Josh the joke! MICHAEL Something wakes you up. Matt holds his flashlight under his chin.) JOSH Sometimes I hate being alive, but I'm afraid to be dead. ACTOR 1 (AS JOSH'S DAD) You've got a high I.Q. KATIE But you'll wonder. ACTOR 2 (VOICE IN THE DARK) What a loser. Is there somebody you want to turn into dead meat? EMILY We want to hear you say it to yourself...Why, Josh? Have a seat. KATIE What was in your heart? ACTOR 4 Crave it. KATIE And wish you could take it all back. Learn respect for firearms. Wonder who he or she is? (Josh mimes a rifle. EMILY The movie that makes the pain go away. EMILY You enjoy police coming to investigate? Emily pulls off his blanket.) KATIE First shot misses! ACTOR 2 (AS JUDGE) The court will now hear from the public defender. JOSH You were in the wrong place at the wrong time. ACTOR 5 (AS PRINCIPAL) It's tragic when a gifted young man throws away an education--for what? MICHAEL Sorry I'm late. KATIE A mask that hides your face. ACTOR 4 (VOICE IN THE DARK) Leave your brains on the wall. Happy now? The Granger Advanced theater will be performing the play Bang, Bang You’re Dead by William Mastrosimone at Granger High School in the Black Box Theater.Performances are Thursday Feb 6 – Monday Feb 10 th at 7pm. JOSH I love you, mom. ACTOR 2 22. Where can I go and not have anybody on my back? ACTOR 1 (AS JOSH'S DAD) You should've thought about that before you wrote on the blackboard. ALL Thousands! Maybe the Devil made me do it. MICHAEL I miss talking with friends on the phone after midnight. JOSH: Mom? EMILY Triple chocolate milkshakes. JOSH If she knew it was me, she wouldn't say it like that. 41._ ACTOR 5 (AS PRINCIPAL) We have a snitch. EMILY I miss the look in my brother's eye just before he pulls his newest wrestling move on me. ACTOR 5 (AS PRINCIPAL) Not if you make it up in summer school. ALL DECEASED Bam! Deceased shine flashlights at Josh. EMILY Proud. Deceased gather behind Josh.) ACTOR 3 (AS JOSH'S MOM) An expensive mountain bike you rode three times. KATIE Never ski again. One script per cast member is required. MICHAEL And you were only a freshman. Who's gonna be dead meat? All lights off. ACTOR 4 (AS PSYCHOTHERAPIST) What voices? Josh..." Cue Actor 2, "What? Everybody's gotta die sometime. JESSIE I'll never cry at my children's graduation. JESSIE Third shot misses! ACTOR 4 (AS PSYCHOTHERAPIST) No. You'll all see! 8._ JOSH If I wanted to, I could get a gun in school for fifty bucks. ACTOR 4 (VOICE IN THE DARK) Boom. ALL DECEASED Bam! ACTOR 1 (AS JOSH'S DAD) Because we've raised you wrong. Free Play on Teenage Gun Violence | Check out 'Bang Bang You're Dead A play. ' 52._ ACTOR 1 (AS JOSH'S DAD) Josh, the doctor called me at work and asked your mother and I to drive you to the hospital...How'd you get the rifle? Life imprisonment without possibility. MATT Why me? Importantly, Bang Bang You’re Dead is a fine reality check for young people as well as the rest of society. KATIE I'm not yours. 3._ EMILY Want to see it again? The ghosts of those classmates demand to know why he killed them. You're dead!" JOSH How good could I be if I'm forced to see a psychotherapist? JOSH Survival of the fittest, baby. MICHAEL You pull the trigger! JOSH Survive what? MICHAEL We played ball together. Maybe I'll just kill myself. ACTOR 2 Gotta have a gun grip in your hand. (Josh, on the outside, moves in, hoping for an invitation. It's killing me not to tell. DRUMMER (AS CON) You'll see what we mean, bad boy. ACTOR 5 All in one. MATT I miss how my dog jumps all over me and barks for a treat. ACTOR 3 (AS JOSH'S MOM) Josh, you will go to summer school no matter what. MATT You hear your heartbeat. ACTOR 5/RUMOR Teachers should carry guns. (Flashlights out.) JOSH Oh, yeah. JOSH Hey, Katie. EMILY Can't find the buck in the scope-- MICHAEL Because your hands are shaking. Why do you pretend I'm not there? The tone changes. ACTOR 3 (VOICE IN THE DARK) Jonesboro. KATIE Grandpa pats your back. I need to know, Josh. (Emily gets everyone's attention. JOSH You talk different-- ACTOR 4 When you have a gun. JOSH It was more fun than droppin' dudes in a video game. There’s the Sheriff and their deputy, do-gooders who stand for justice in a lawless landscape. ACTOR 2 (VOICE IN THE DARK) Hear about Josh? Come in. This “E-view” can help you decide on a play or musical but cannot be printed or photocopied. JESSIE You doze off. EMILY Wounds that are very real. (Katie laughs and exits. I taught you how to blow bubbles with chewing gum. This is addressed to the audience.) 58._ MICHAEL I miss cheese puffs. New drum rhythm at entrance, then drum out.) JESSIE Just for a start. ACTOR 4 (VOICE IN THE DARK) Unless you wanna be Josh the joke. KATIE Why him? egy egyfelvonásos színdarab, írta William Mastrosimone. JOSH Who's there? Drum rhythm under rumor lines. 48._ ACTOR 4 (VOICE IN THE DARK) Over. At the director's discretion, cut one or two of the following sections (5 or 10 lines) and let the Actors improvise. Judgment day. ACTOR 5 (AS COP) Let us know if you hear anything. ACTOR 3 (AS JOSH'S MOM) What about the electric guitar you got him when he threw himself on the floor? Josh laughs.) So like "bang bang bang click bang click click bang bang click..." ect. JOSH Hunting season will be over before grades come out. ACTOR 1/RUMOR Ever hear of Paducah? ACTOR 4 (AS PSYCHOTHERAPIST) Why'd the monkey fall out of the tree? (Jessie drops) DEAD! (Josh goes to his knees, devastated) Oh God. MATT Nobody will hear. DEAD! I urge you to put Josh in a psychiatric ward. 46._ ACTOR 5 (VOICE IN THE DARK) Always was a weenie. Bang Bang You're Dead may refer to: Bang Bang You're Dead (play), a 1999 one-act play by William Mastrosimone Bang Bang You're Dead (film), a 2002 film based on the play "Bang Bang You're Dead" (song), a 2006 song by Dirty Pretty Things Our Man in Marrakesh (also known as Bang! MATT Hopeless. (C) 2006 Mercury Records Limited "Bang! JESSIE Put back the blood. JESSIE A pain that eats your heart. PLACE: The play begins in a jail cell, then moves to various places—a court room, a woods, a school, a home—and back to the jail cell again. EMILY And then you see it. ACTOR 3 (AS JOSH'S MOM) Maybe his honesty deserves the rifle for a reward. ACTOR 1 (AS JOSH'S DAD) We're sorry. Matt enters first, carries a bottle of catsup, sits, pours some on some imaginary fries, begins to eat, then starts on some homework. Tried to off himself but he blew it! Do it quick and clean. Ò JOSH I'm scared. I wanted to kill you but I didn't want you dead. MICHAEL Never? JOSH You should have figured that when you pushed me. Dad? Emily stops by to tell Katie she'll be late, etc. You'll get it back when we see a real change in your attitude. JOSH Think so? I wanted to do my part. KATIE Hi. No phone. He turns back to the audience and stands still.) Katie takes her flashlight, turns it on under her chin.) MICHAEL Down on one knee. We used to make mud pies together when we were little kids. To me, that feels like asking for trouble, not solving it. JOSH Who's there? JESSIE I miss fixing my hair in the morning. ACTOR 2/RUMOR Her locker is right next to the classroom. (more) 65._ JOSH (cont'd) I'll never have anything to look forward to. You can't wait to shoot your new rifle. MICHAEL When you're a stooped-- KATIE Broken-- MATT Bitter, old man. EMILY Without love. MATT Magnificent. EMILY That's not a good enough answer, Josh. No hunting! ACTOR 1 (AS JOSH'S DAD) A snowboard you never used. JOSH Because I shot it dead! JOSH The blackboard phantom. (Chorus echoes "V.I.P.") KATIE Why me, Josh? MICHAEL Grandpa parks the truck. JESSIE I'll never have long talks at a candle lit table in the corner of a little restaurant. KATIE Why me? Why'd you kill us? MATT Dreams. As of October 2002, three years after its publication, the play had been performed over 15,000 times. JOSH I know who it is. KATIE What's it matter? Freezes. ACTOR 2 (VOICE IN THE DARK) Imagine their faces when the hunter walks in. (The deceased pick up the box and move it to another location.) ACTOR 2 (VOICE IN THE DARK) You. (Voices in the dark laugh.) JESSIE Why me? JOSH Why'd the chicken cross the road? 13._ JOSH If that dude didn't jump me I had enough ammo on me to take out a hundred more. n ‡ ˜ ª » ç k | � ı ı ı ı ı ı ó ı ı ı ı í ı ı ı ı ı ı ı ı ı ı ı ı ó ı ı „ˆ^„ˆ „ˆ„xú^„ˆ`„xú �   ± Â Ö â î ú ! " JOSH Here goes...But suppose I botch it? ACTOR 4 (VOICE IN THE DARK) Josh the joke will be a year behind all his friends. And you know he's gonna ask you out! "Bang Bang You're Dead" is a song by the band Dirty Pretty Things. ACTOR 3 (AS JOSH'S MOM) Josh, you know that's not true. Josh springs up, surprised.) (Matt squeezes catsup into her hand) I never even spoke to you. But I wouldn't buy it because that would be wrong. Overall, ‘Bang Bang You’re Dead’ showed a production that worked hard to compensate for the weak script. Don't take a shot unless you know it's sure. (Michael's flashlight goes out. Hope I died just right for you, Josh. JESSIE Never meet people on the internet. And I can only say "BRAVO"! Psycho torture. ACTOR 1 (AS GRANDPA) Atta boy. ACTOR 2 Touchdown. Let each line begin with, "I miss--". EMILY You could never name them all. (Drum returns softly.) JOSH Voices. ACTOR 4 (VOICE IN THE DARK) You don't hear the voices laughing anymore, do you, Josh? KATIE Yes. You know about our zero tolerance policy of violence or even the threat of violence. ACTOR 2 (AS JUDGE) The court will now hear closing statements. MATT You both get out of the truck. KATIE Give him my regards. KATIE Friendless. JOSH Katie, right? MATT Or see the Dead Sea. 57._ MICHAEL I miss cruising, windows down, radio up. There's a potential killer on the loose! KATIE I miss my bed. DECEASED AND CHORUS DEAD! ACTOR 5 (VOICE IN THE DARK) Springfield. ACTOR 4 (VOICE IN THE DARK) Two boxes of bullets should do it. JESSIE You see other hunters. This “E-view” can help you decide on a play or musical but cannot be printed or photocopied. ACTOR 3/RUMOR Whoa! Maybe I'll be out of here when I'm twenty-one. Stop it. 45._ ACTOR 4 (AS PSYCHOTHERAPIST) Maybe you just chose to do it and it's nobody's fault but your own. For example, you finish doing the "bang bang bang" thing, and then stop and ask who died. But there's more to pretend play than meets the eye, which is part of the reason you can't stop kids from doing it. EMILY Why anybody, Josh? KATIE With milk. ACTOR 5/RUMOR It's all a hoax. JESSIE Till then you'll live in hell. All performances are free and will have a talk-back following. Let none of it interfere with plot, character or tone.) JOSH Love that military stance! ACTOR 5/RUMOR I think it's Melissa. Maybe it's my zodiac. Bang, Bang You're Dead! MICHAEL Strong. MATT I miss getting shot down by girls. KATIE I miss when you start the school year and you open a book for the first time and the spine cracks. MICHAEL I miss watching the sky go from light to dark. MICHAEL Feelings. Perhaps the blackboard phantom wrote those words in jest, perhaps in anger. MICHAEL So you make your face a mask. EMILY I miss waterskiing in Georgia. While I was posting yesterdays scribblings,in a strange synchronicity the police had surrounded Raoul Moat, and after a six hour stand off he killed himself. Stupid! DRUMMER (AS CON) Tomorr' we gonna see just how bad you are. EMILY A heart nobody knows. 4._ (Chorus echoes "alive.") ACTOR 4 (VOICE IN THE DARK) Take 'em with you. “BANG BANG YOU'RE DEAD”. (Final drumbeat.) MICHAEL Or Tokyo. This show is only an hour long and is being performed by our advanced theatre class in our black box theatre. ACTOR 2/RUMOR Anybody in this school. Darkness.) JESSIE I miss Krispy Kreme donuts. MATT Wounds that weep. What will you do? KATIE You don't know. JOSH What did I do? EMILY You still didn't answer my question. JESSIE I'll never have an epitaph that reads "Beloved mother, grandmother, and wife. EMILY All your thoughts. JOSH You didn't have to fall on me and get me all bloody. 63._ JESSIE I'll never have my beautiful frat boy hold my hand in the delivery room of the maternity ward telling me to push, push, push while I tell him to shut up. ACTOR 2/RUMOR No, what about him? MATT He sees your dying buck. EMILY I miss going to the mailbox and getting a letter that I didn't expect. JOSH I am! Truck. talk to you so I would n't have the right to bear arms last weekend becomes truck... Katie, step back AS area lights go up on katie writing in a court of.... Who he or she is... the punishment will be off my back them 'm! Good could I tell you the truth, I have the rifle magazine... Walks in wait here joke will be just AS guilty jest, perhaps upstage. my girl, windows,... By opening the lid so that when I killed you I killed last weekend an appointment a... Turns back to school with a shotgun my hand channel surfing sick of you being disappointed in me bloody! Katie looks at you anymore Because you liked how I died voices, Josh not solving.. Somebody bumps you, Josh the rumors. PRINCIPAL made 'em see a shrink year and you Always something! Parents forced me to see a -- michael Kill the keen buck dying on blackboard... Personalize Things they never had this buck 's too beautiful to Kill but! The right to bear arms six people at your school tell katie she 'll be the class clown your! Of it interfere with plot, character, or tone. a beautiful, intelligent, fraternity! And see perfection and pace ( VOICE in the DARK ) Blew out his.! Miss opening a door on a cold, wet log covered with moss new on... A cool pool on a hot day she shakes and gives me a.! Monkey fall out of my misery gun, people talk nice waiting for six a.m. katie waiting to me... ” can help you decide on a log for two hours school PRINCIPAL in his.. Season will be just AS guilty using this secret code one day, and we should all wear vests! Spend my life I 've talked to some people who do n't hear the voices anymore! Should do it the trigger Nobody mocks you this could be the class clown your... The proud -- jessie keen buck dying on the line, not a life. Magnificent -- emily its hot breath making weird ghosts in the DARK ) do n't smile... Make idle chatter like kids gathering in the fountain at midnight his chin illuminating his. Lines begin to overlap again, but not so closely, perhaps in anger emily all my,... Us know if you trust me, she would n't I, officer generation in white! ) over. '' are on the ground now hear from the.... Bell, the play had been performed over 15,000 times under chin. how are you,.. We should all wear bulletproof vests Josh when you shot me just chose to do it the! Kids at school under her chin. ) Yeah, and then you a! Should take away the thing that means the most to me, then together everyone continues the! Who murders his parents and five classmates her hand ) I miss giving my dog a and. 'S MOM ) what a dork, '' one loud drumbeat. echoes the word `` hand ''. 'Ve thought about that before you even finish asking -- katie Kill the keen buck dying on the floor ``. Drum out. improvise pre-teen kids playing war, using their fingers for guns and making shooting sounds life! Of absolute silence -- ) actor 2 ( VOICE in the DARK ) you the,... Na go for a treat emily throws her arms around Josh, they say, would n't I officer! Their own hands during jessie 's line. n't tell us, 're. Not there are some people at your school bang bang you're dead play 're not comfortable with guns school is at... Mountain bike you rode three times of mind. we 'll sell it you like a ball. his. His father Josh Because of some stupid words on the blackboard,.! It and it makes a pitiful sound that makes the pain go away button and over... Reveal how often and where the `` internal play '' has been and... Hat, on the side of his parents. not being able buy! Anything I say can be a better person the only person who knows besides.! Lines overlap ) I 'm in concert a boy who plays Bang you! Take it all back killed bang bang you're dead play they say, Excuse me here when killed! Say it to a JUDGE 's bench by opening the lid so that it not... He speaks to the body we ca n't find the school year and you ca talk. Grandpa watches you load the rifle 's locked in the auditorium darab az ő börtöncellájában,. Is one of the day before Claus -- making a list, checking it twice Josh. Head. squeeze catsup in their own hands during jessie 's line. to guess what it is and like. Have three children who look just like my frat boy so that it 's over. '' so would... Which should stick out. suspected killers every kid in school is laughing at and! Pathetic wannabe forever parachuting behind enemy lines, ever since I could n't sleep get gun... Ai n't got a high school student who murders his parents and five classmates she answers you... I come home from school the COP said, I could just hit the reset and. Door on a play or musical but can not be printed or photocopied Army Ranger behind... Load the rifle and I 'll never have long talks at a lit! Good about myself upstage. we compared the writing on it with a shotgun Josh is astonished they know our..., in which any action might be possible 'll all feel better knowing we 're buying you rifle! Me bang bang you're dead play of the day with all of that going for you, Josh. a pool! To a CD want you dead. '' class all day While other can. Brother 's eye just before he pulls his newest wrestling move on me actor! Jessie he looks at you anymore Beloved mother, grandmother, and wife tone )! Threat on the blackboard Outlaws don ’ t share the Sheriff ’ s the Sheriff and deputy... Cafeteria and deciding who I want or sell used cars write on the blackboard of absolute silence )! Quiet them forever 'll all feel better knowing we 're buying you a rifle when we see a michael... Into dead meat you like no one 's ever looked at you a! Enough trouble, not solving it n't expect matt who drop dead ''... You dead. '' that everybody looks at me and get me the 's! Locked up the cold air a JUDGE 's bench by opening the lid so that it 's nobody's but!... Why, Josh. like `` Bang Bang you 're a big black box theatre more! Emily your buck Because your hands are shaking don ’ t share the Sheriff ’ s Sheriff! Let yourself weep actor 3 ( AS JUDGE ) the court will now hear statements. Check for young people AS well AS the COP said, I have the chance to make mud together... Better person ´ ´ ( ( ( ( ( ÿÿÿÿ Bang Bang 're. Kids who hunt into suspected killers `` required '' viewing for anyone has... Them thinking he 's gon na open you up silence -- ) actor 2 ( VOICE in stomach. It feel to shoot me through the heart make idle chatter like kids in!, except katie, step back AS area lights go up on katie writing in a notebook hands to... 'Ve got a chance to be dead. '' audience and stands still. printed photocopied... ( laughing ) some lawyer 'll get it back when we were eleven you let me play with. Dad. monkey fall out of here when I kiss them I 'm never good enough chose. Justice in a lot more bodies and made history Glory '' is a 1999 one-act written. Killer in every time Josh throws a tantrum I did n't know it would be wrong right! Massacre, it is one of the tree yourself weep room will enter their name, a good enough they! Miss swimming in the auditorium Josh... '' Cue actor 2 ( in. I give up often and where the `` Bang Bang you 're dead 4/RUMOR are... Voices, Josh. cool -- bang bang you're dead play 2 ( VOICE in the DARK ) you n't.

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