Blackbutt is native to south-eastern Australia. It is one of seven hardwood timber species approved by the Building Commission in Victoria for home construction in bushfire areas. Blackbutt timber slab Dimensions: 2270 x 570 x 45mm Price: $440 Pickup: Mulgrave NSW. Blackbutt timber has proven durability in harsh Australian conditions and is the ideal choice for use in areas prone to bushfire. As a class 1 hardwood, Blackbutt has proven itself as a durable timber hardwood, allowing it to remain protected against scratches and markings from pets. It can be dressed all round for a sleek and smooth appearance, but ultimately the opportunities are endless when it comes to using Blackbutt timber. They will readily accept paint, stain and polish. It usually has a blonde to brownish colour and comes in a range of sizes to suit your desired look. Click below to see some of the recent finds in our timber yard, including species like Blackbutt… Blackbutt has a hardness rating of 9.1 and is naturally resistant to termites due to its high density. Handyman Timbers stocks a full range of Timber, Building Materials and Hardware including Timbeck Cedar, Cable Truss and LVL. This durability rating relates to the natural ability of the heartwood of that species to resist decay and pests. Typically, Blackbutt timber has an even texture and a straight grain. We also do solid stair treads up to 285 x 65. Timber is a natural product and some variation between boards within a species is expected. When undisturbed, Blackbutt trees have been known to live in excess of 200 years. Blackbutt provides a good ecosystem as it forms an important element of the canopy of several endangered communities, including blue gum high forest, Illawarra lowlands, bangalay sand forest, and grassy woodland. Beautiful grain, unique markings. Dressed Blackbutt slab for dining table , desk , vanity , bartop , benchtop etc - 2.8 mtrs x 750-900 mm x 45mm However, to help further protect Blackbutt timber flooring it is important to keep nails regularly trimmed, place mats under food bowls and entrances, and keep toys in a, Australian Hardwood and Oak Timber Flooring, Square Dressed & Dressed All Round (DAR) Timber, 21-23 Old Dairy Close Moss Vale NSW 2577. Handyman Timbers stocks a full range of Timber, Building Materials and Hardware including Timbeck Cedar, Cable Truss and LVL. Stock up on all your timber … When precise sizing … Find dressed blackbutt timber ads in our Home & Garden category from Brisbane Region, QLD. In general, Blackbutt timber is easy to work with. Join the mailing list to be updated with the latest news and product information relevant to you. Blackbutts release chemicals into the soil as it inhibits germination of seedlings close to parent plant. Blackbutt all new decking 86x19 from $3.30 per metre, 135x19 from $5 per metre. Because of it’s durable and strong nature, this hardwood is commonly used for structural and exterior applications. Blackbutt timber is a versatile and attractive hardwood that could be perfect for your next project. © 2019 Wholesale Timber Direct. Blackbutt is the ideal timber for a wide variety of cladding, flooring and decking applications. Available Lengths: 0.9mtr, 1.2mtr, 1.5mtr, 1.8mtr, 2.1mtr, 2.4mtr, 2.7mtr, 3.0mtr, 3.3mtr, 3.6mtr, 3.9mtr, 4.2mtr, 4.5mtr, 4.8mtr, 5.1mtr, 5.4mtr, 5.7mtr, 6.0mtr, 6.3mtr, 6.6mtr, 6.9mtr, 7.2mtr, 7.8mtr, 8.4mtr, 9.0mtr, 9.6mtr, 10.2mtr. Economically, Blackbutt is one of Australia’s most important hardwoods due to it’s durable and versatile usage. A well-rung mop and a pH neutral cleaner can also be used to remove more stubborn dirt if needed.

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