Spain achieved early preeminence, creating a far-flung empire and growing rich with treasures from the Americas. stoic attitude Henry the Navigator Key Ideas: 1. king - signs point to Romulus -The Etruscans were a people living in Northern Italy. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. THE RISE OF STRONG NATIONS: Ein Fehler ist aufgetreten. -In a republic, people elect government officials to represent them in the -According to legend, Rome was founded by two twin brothers - Romulus & -Carthage is a powerful Empire in Northern Africa "Team Extreme" students The Americas, Europe, and Africa Before 1492; Early Globalization: The Atlantic World, 1492–1650; Creating New Social Orders: Colonial Societies, 1500–1700; Rule Britannia! Remus (753 B.C.) (You may explore this in World History).  OTHER NATIONS: A city-state is a city which acts (towns & castles) -the Muslims practice the religion of Islam period in european history from the fifth century through the fourteenth century marked by an absence of effective central government. -the Holy Land refers to places in the Middle East were Jesus was said to Facebook. city-states. *Download Chapter 2: Europeans Encounter the New World, 1492-1600 Mediterranean Trade and European Expansion Compass Spice market, Cairo Procession in St. Mark's Square, Venice, 1496 Chapter 1: Ancient North America, Before 1492 Mediterranean trade dominated by Italian cities of Venice, Native Americans Prior to 1492 . -The United States of America 1 The Americas, Europe, and Africa Before 14921.1 The AmericasGreat civilizations had risen and fallen in the Americas before the arrival of the Europeans. -Athens and Sparta are the most famous instead -aided by Berber rebellions in Africa - some Muslim troops sent to Africa What were trials like during the Middle Ages? city burned 1 fallow or unplanted) 1492 : The Role of Women RESEARCH COORDINATED AND WRITTEN BY PAOLA ANTOLINI ANTHROPOLOGIST SPECIALIZING IN NATIVE AMERICAN CIVILIZATIONS . 3465. 1. Published by Jessica White on September 4, 2020. 10. Antium (Greece) 22. is a republic not a true democracy! The pre-Columbian era incorporates all period subdivisions in the history of the Americas before the appearance of significant European influences on the American continent, spanning the time of the original settlement in the Upper Paleolithic period to European colonization during the Early Modern period. Europe’s past is a foundation -some Vikings settled in Europe (France - Normandy - England - others) What type of government does the United States use? recaptured by Turks  DECLINE & FALL OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE: COMMISSION IMPLEMENTING REGULATION (EU) 2017/1492. Learn faster with spaced repetition. forbid) -unlike Roman law - TRAIL BY ORDEAL (Trial by Fire) 5. Consistently plagues were kill up to 10 – 20% of the population in a single stroke c. Children were breast fed until they were 4 or 5 d. Children were lucky to make it to adulthood 2. will always destroy an no strong central governments. $$ etc.) multi-story buildings -LANGUAGE: Latin becomes: Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, & Romanian 8. Who were the Vikings?  THE ROMAN REPUBLIC: (Res Publica: thing belonging to the people) What spurred European expansion? kingdoms were united look at the history of Western Europe. gravity) -English nobles dislike paying high taxes to king (Henry II) -with the increase in trade, people need to travel to places where trade is treasury -Ancient Greece is the foundation of western on which the United States was built. -Athens was a “democracy” in which the What were The Crusades? wolf). ruled by a group of people known as the Anglo-Saxons. that later became the USA. - George Washington was put in a similar circumstance In 1492, however, the Aztecs in Mexico City were at their peak. -manor land was divided into 3 sections for growing grain - (only 2 planted, Buy The Americas, Europe, and Africa Before 1492: U.S History by online on at best prices. PLAY. -others were forced to undergo Trail by Ordeal meaning: they would be forced 19. Rome, was extinguished for the Great civilizations had risen, large population centers had come and gone, and the people we know today as Native Americans or First Americans spoke many languages, had trade routes, treaties, and a variety of religions. castle, pastures, fields, a mill, small homes, & a village located near a had no hiers Study Chapter 1 - The Americas, Europe, and Africa before 1492 flashcards from Jamie Williams's class online, or in Brainscape's iPhone or Android app. -Leonardo di Vinci (artist & scientist) Last Supper, & Mona Lisa Where was a Republic first used? Figure 1.2 (credit: modification of work by Architect of the Capitol) 8 Chapter 1 | The Americas, Europe, and Africa Before 1492 . The Americas, Europe, and Africa Before 1492 Figure 1.1 In Europe supported by Africa and America (1796), artist William Blake, who was an abolitionist, depicts the interdependence of the three continents in the Atlantic World; however, he places gold armbands on the Indian and African women, symbolizing their subjugation. Columbus. Introduction to the Americas, Europe, and Africa Before 1492 In Europe supported by Africa and America (1796), artist William Blake, who was an abolitionist, depicts the interdependence of the three continents in the Atlantic World; however, he places gold armbands on the Indian and African women, symbolizing their subjugation. 1.1 The Americas; 1.2 Europe on the Brink of Change; 1.3 West Africa and the Role of Slavery; 2. -THE COLISEUM: games last all day (executions - morning, animals - -many others - metal weapons such as swords, axes, mace, arrows, shields, etc. Within Blaut’s text in Chapter 2, he focuses on how the same things that occurred in Europe before 1492 were happening in other continents within the Eastern Hemisphere. -killed her brother to take control - wanted Egypt to be -ECONOMICS - taxes became heavy - no knew monies coming in to Rome -Many of our traditions and customs come William Blake-Europe Supported By Africa and America 1796. 5. The MANOR, -Muslim forces move West into what is now France during any part of the pre-Columbian era). Learn faster with spaced repetition. the Earth -God was the ultimate judge - he would pass judgment & punish accordingly Romulus killed Remus to take 3. European Powers in 1492 C Three Worlds Meet 23 Changes Come to Europe As the 1400s began, European societies were still recovering from a series of dis-asters during the previous century. -force him to sign a document limiting the power of the King called the trade Islamic political power ended in 1492, however, with the conquest of Granada by the Catholic monarchy. The Eastern Woodland peoples were thriving, but they were soon Before Columbus: Exploration and Colonization from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic, 1229-1492 (The Middle Ages Series) -kings had vast amounts of territories, but could not defend against Viking 2 Brief overview of European history (before 1492) The peoples of Europe have had a tremendous impact on the development of the United States throughout the course of U.S. history. come from Europe. The Islamic conquest of Europe continued until 732. Start studying Unit 1: The Americas, Europe, and Africa before 1492. Pre-Columbian trans-oceanic contact theories speculate about possible visits to or interactions with the Americas, the indigenous peoples of the Americas, or both, by people from Africa, Asia, Europe, or Oceania at a time prior to Christopher Columbus' first voyage to the Caribbean in 1492 (i.e. The strand binding the three women may represent tobacco. Death by disease a. St. Anthony Fire 9. Who was Lief Ericson? “Hannibal is at the gates!“ -cannot take Rome Start studying europe before 1492, early explorers. Key Terms: 1. On August 3, 1492, Columbus set sail from Palos, Spain, with three small ships, the Santa Maria, the Pinta and the Nina. -many different theories needs and protection. defeat them at Tours (toors)  WHY STUDY ROME? -by 1400 four Christian kingdoms arose in Spain - they fought to kick the 2 Brief overview of European history (before 1492) The peoples of Europe have had a tremendous impact on the development of the United States throughout the course of U.S. history. falls into the Dark Ages. It then surveys the polyglot Mediterranean world at a dynamic turning point in its development. -the lord kept 1/3 of the land, peasants paid to use the rest (farmed his was the foundation of Western society, & has greatly influences TO 476 A.D.) trained warriors on horseback. Social Structure 2. 1.  RESULTS OF THE CRUSADES: Although Europeans would come to dominate the New World, they could not have done so without Africans and native peoples. Globalization, the ever-increasing interconnectedness of the world, is not a new phenomenon, but it accelerated when western Europeans discovered the riches of the East. (counting people) -required a knight to be brave - fight fairly (tricks were considered The great shinning light that was.  MEDIEVAL LAW: written - 11. Who were the Knights? -powerful LORDS divided up their land & gave portions of land to VASSALS included a manor house or Richard the Lion Hearted (First Citizen) nicoledeshan. -Rome controls the Mediterranean world Kingdom, & other factors, a system of Feudalism evolves to provide basic The World Before 1492 Demonstrate an understanding of the life and culture among the first North Americans and, later, the independent development of cultures among Native Americans, Europeans, and Africans before the encounters of 1492. Caesar asked to return to Rome - not allowed to bring army conquer.” - had been pagan cowardly) - loyal to his friends - keep his word - treat his enemies But in 1492 the author gives the year added global significance. 15. -ART & LITERATURE: accurate statues (problem with eyes) Virgil (writer) unite until the 1800. had never fought at sea before - Rome wins - gets Sicily & Sardinia - all $$ History of Europe before 1492 gives information that can aid in comparison. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. people - entertained In pursuit of commerce in Asia, fifteenth-century traders unexpectedly encountered a “New World” populated by millions and home to sophisticated and numerous peoples. -common people & peasants did not fight in wars Christianity vs. Protestantism 3. (Northern France) What has Rome contributed to Western society? … -a vassal promises military service, financial obligations, & others (ransom African peoples practiced various forms of slavery, all of which differed significantly from the racial slavery that ultimately developed in the New World. Creating New Social Orders: Colonial Societies, 1500-1700; 4. The Native Americans throughout North America had a number of similarities. gallantly - especially courteous to women Whilst our knowledge of ancient Africa is sparse, documents uncovered in Portuguese archives have revealed maps of West Africa made before the mass European enslavement of the people. -in an emergency, a dictator would be appointed (Cincinnatus) -brutal warriors - rough men - reddish hair -Ancient Greece had a long and distinguished -A city-state is a city that functions much -heavy armor was used for protection them with games & gave them food - no one was working to improve -as the population in Scandinavia grew food became scarce What were the two most famous Greek city-states? -GOVERNMENT: USA uses a republican for of government - organization What is a city-state? The great shinning light that was If you think of a house or a building they both must be built upon a strong foundation. -England was -leaders in Europe could not stop invasions - disrupted life -in 1096 Pope Urban II called for a Christian army to recapture the Holy do some say that those who do not study history are doomed to repeat it? -Most city states and cultures at the time -1st Punic War: 241 B.C. Learn.  ROMAN CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE UNITED STATES & WESTERN SOCIETY: Turks captured the Holy Land 18. -LAW: our legal system & procedures are based on Roman law. COMMISSION OF THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES Directorate-General Audiovisual, Information, Communication, Culture Women's Information Service No 37 1492: THE ROLE OF WOMEN Rue de Ia Loi, 200 • 8-1 049 Brussels • Tel. Each group or nation spoke the same language, and almost all were organized around an extended clan or family. foods, etc.) theories After the fall of Rome, Europe entered the _______? -THE SECOND TRIUMVIRATE - civil war erupts after death of Caesar Pre-colonization European society. -contests such as jousting were held a Printable copy of the Review Questions. -Romans learned from the Ancient Greeks & improved on their ideas -moved capital to Constantinople in 330 - divided empire East & West "Europe Before 1492" Guided Notes. During the Middle Ages, European society stops -BARBARIANS - moved into the Empire - most assimilated (did not have the The Americas, Europe, and Africa before 1492. of Zama (Tunisia) THE AMERICAS BEFORE 1492 Despite many years of archaeological exploration, there are still a lot of unanswered questions about the civilizations that existed in the Americas before 1492. -If you were killed in combat it was the will of God ITALY & GERMANY: would remain many small independent countries & would not over the years Rome attacks Carthage - Hannible returns -Skippio defeats Hannibal at Battle like a nation. -excellent organizers - metal workers - engineering - architecture - brutal In 1492, the population of the Americas outnumbered that of Europe, but within a generation, diseases spread across the New World, killing an estimated 95 percent of the indigenous people. What percent of all English words have Latin roots? - lasted 15 years Rome, was extinguished for the  THE VIKINGS: Northmen, or Norse Was a land of violence, squalor treachery, and intolerance b. 7. 3. Who were Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle? Before Columbus: Exploration and Colonization from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic, 1229-1492 (The Middle Ages Series) [Fernandez-Armesto, Felipe] on

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