Would this fix it? The impact of static negative camber will vary based on driving style and road conditions. I replaced springs and shocks on a previous 2005 9-5 Aero wagon and it improved the camber. I am sure many 9-5 estate / wagon owners experienced this in the past or will have this issue in the future. Camber bushings or adjustable control arms? So I installed the Eibach pro’s and now I’ve got negative camber causing noticeable traction loss and uneven wear. This can cause funky handling. Negative camber – ε w on the outside of the bend and positive + ε w on the inside would have exactly the opposite effect. A larger negative air spring would keep helping as you really got the bar moving, giving you just a little extra momentum before the assistance trailed off. What would cause my 2002 Windstar to blow anti-freeze out the back of the motor? These are the differences between positive and negative camber effects. The vehicle is often too sensitive to the crown of the road (curvature designed for water drainage to the sides of the road). It shows the the exact same amount of negative camber on all four wheels. If the front wheels of the cars are inclining outwards, it has a positive camber angle. Negative Camber Effects. With negative camber, the top of the tires points inwards. Negative camber wears the inside edge of the tire, while positive camber wears the outside edge of the tire. Negative Camber. Will an alignment fix camber? How do I know my tire camber? Hi all: I've got an excessive front passenger side negative camber wheel situation that I'm hoping someone can help me with. The vehicle is often too sensitive to the crown of the road (curvature designed for water drainage to the sides of the road). I believe the camber angle is definitely for more tire contact on steering into a corning combined with specific caster alignments. Camber isn't the main cause of the tire wear that would lead to failure. Worn ball joints, strut mount, tie rod, and other wheel-suspension parts may contribute to camber misalignment. Negative camber steals the spotlight when it comes to the positive vs negative camber debate; hardly anyone talks about positive camber. With most suspension designs/geometries, the camber actually goes more negative as it strokes, so i don't understand why the downforce would create more contract and causing the wheel to be vertical. Sorry if this is rudimentary and you already know this, just want to make sure its really camber wear, and if so, then there are only so many places it can be coming from, and yes, worn control arm bushings is one of them. Tire camber is hard to see with the naked eye. 4 Answers. It causes the vehicle to pull to the right because a vehicle pulls to the side with the most positive camber. Why Positive Camber? But, if it was a shock tower, your fenders wouldnt have the correct gaps at the hood. About the only thing that would cause negative camber is a bent strut, spindle or shock tower. The problem is there is too much negative rear camber, especially with the Aero sport suspension. Registered. Camber angle adjustments are not meant for normal everyday vehicles that you see on the main roads and highways. One wrong miscalculation on the camber of the front tires and it could cause problems while you’re driving. Positive Camber Angle. Too much negative camber causes the car to tramline; or follow cracks or imperfections in the road, and also have an excessive sensitivity to the road’s crown (an engineered 1 to 2 percent curve that promotes water drainage on roads). If you love track racing and race vehicles that can run on banked racetracks, you may wonder why some of the vehicles have wheels that tilt in. The Differences between Positive vs Negative Camber. Camber can cause a pull, but it doesn't do it by being extremely negative or positive, but by being different from side to side. Toe Toe is the angle the tires are rotated around their vertical axis, looking at them from above the car. It honestly sounds to me like there is something else at work on your wife's SAAB that is actually cutting into the tires. Negative camber on the front wheels means they’re inclining toward the chassis. 1999 Ford Windstar 4 Dr SE Passenger Van-Maintenance & Repair. Introducing positive (or negative) camber to an airfoil will have a profound effect on its lift curve and drag polar. Too much inward (negative camber) or outward (positive camber) tilt, indicates improper alignment. However, a difference in camber side to side will not result in tire wear, only extreme amounts of camber, negative or positive, will cause … Excessive negative camber can cause the wheels to tramline, or follow cracks in the road. On a street car this is a cost issue. This angle offers better stability to the vehicle and allows it to pull to each side effortlessly. so what’s the best fix? Excessive negative camber or positive camber will wear your tires unevenly, and cause excess strain on your suspension components. Improper camber can make the tyre wear faster either on the outside or inner side and may also cause the vehicle to pull to the side that has the most camber angle. It also worsens acceleration and braking in a straight line. This can be caused by hitting pot holes, curbs or driving on rough roads. You have toe-in when the tires point in towards each other, and toe-out when they point away from each other. This can considerably increase the braking distance and impact its overall handling. Its on a 2000 Mustang V6. Because of the way the wheels would be angled, in a car with a negative camber, wheels on both sides are pushing against each other. Excessive camber either way will cause excessive and abnormal tire wear. Providing it aligned with the lowered springs before the g'friend drove it. When the car encounters roll, it raises the inside contact patch of the outside wheel. ... An aggressive driver may prefer the advantages of a negative camber. Lisa Spells - Jul 18, 2020. Although negative camber in the front can help tire rollover and increased cornering grip, it will increase tire wear and possibly may cause tramlining, or the tendency of a vehicle's wheels to follow the contours in the surface upon which it runs, making lane control difficult.

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