Recipes. Is there a reason for it? I love your addition of salted butter, and the bourbon! Bananas and coffee are both tropical and you wouldn’t BELIEVE how delicious they are together. I am making this right now… I put it in a Bundt pan… I don’t know how long to bake, but I’m checking it at 40 minutes. One full sheet of each. Strangely, I love artificial banana flavor in candy and pudding. Adding walnuts and raisins is optional but adds great taste and texture, turning it into a banana nut bread. This recipe looks great! I made a double batch of this yesterday and baked up half of it into a dozen muffins that were done in 30 minutes while the other half baked in a loaf took an hour and a half (or more). It was also unbelievably easy. I made banana muffins with them this morning, using this recipe (substitutions: half whole wheat flour, and no bourbon). I just made the jacked-up version and really like it. Whisk in egg, then oil, brown sugar, syrup and vanilla extract. Can I use Jack Daniels in the recipe instead of bourbon? ); sub whole wheat flour for half of the flour; added dash of cardamom; and because toddlers also love everything small, cooked them in acorn cakelet and mini muffin pans. I’ve made three loaves in as many days (everyone’s been leaving with a big chunk of it, but I have eaten my fair share). I also love your chocolate banana bread recipe. I’ve tried so many banana bread recipes over the years and too many have been oily, heavy and/or bland. Since I was using the WWW flour, I added about 1/4 cup of unsweetened applesauce. But the problem was not in the flavor, but in the texture of the bread. If you want to skip the brown sugar, you’d have to substitute baking powder instead. Any issue with adding chocolate chips to this recipe? Very tough to do. Tammi – Six weeks brings me to Friday December 22nd. Followed the recipe except used dark brown sugar and a 5×9 loaf pan, because that’s what I had. The flavor is devine. Whatever it is, it’s good for banana bread. For some reason it also didn’t rise as much as I thought. The post will be coming soon. When I sliced the bread, I saw that the bottom has a thick layer of fat (I’m assuming it’s the butter). Finally put it together today and I was delighted it came out as well as it did! Fan-freaking-tastic. You’re the best and every recipe I’ve tried of yours is amazing and my family loves them allll!! I roasted my bananas and i browned my butter….ok THE END =). So today, I browsed and found not only this wonderful banana bread recipe (I have two, mini loaves in the oven right now!) Just made them – can’t wait to take a bite. Wait to make the bread until they are mottled with spots and release an intoxicatingly sweet … For a vegan option, substitute 48g coconut oil dissolved in 3 Tbsp boiling water. Hm, I am sorry to hear this. This recipe was a hit. It took a full hour to bake. And I am so glad it did. I think so! I, too, made this bread tonight — in fact, a double batch, most of which is baking right now — and I browned my butter, but used two tablespoons of Korbel brandy instead of bourbon, which we don’t have. I just use American cups. I like to put the banana pieces (roughly 2-inches each, break them off by hand) along with the egg, brown sugar, melted butter and vanilla into a blender. Added a 1/4 cup of buttermilk, because I had it on hand. anyhow. It’s in the oven now and smelling great. My near black bananas were extra large and soft so the mashing was easy, but I managed to explode most of the butter into the microwave while melting it (oops, won’t try that technique again), so I added a bit of oil to make up for the lost butter, and I used a bit of pumpkin pie spice and a tablespoon of Amaretto instead of the recipe spices and bourbon. It might have been older baking soda or baking powder (when I Google for images others have posted of the crackly version, they seem to be taller). Funny…I’m going to be over by Chinatown today. I LOVE your challah recipe so I thought I would check out your banana bread recipe. I used 1/2 c. white flour, 1/2 c. cake flour and 1/2 c. wheat flour. Confession time again! Had bananas that were a BIT past the freckled stage so ready for bread. Baking it longer doesn’t help? Brilliant! these are baking as I type! I HAD to exclaim about these. There are workmen in my house this morning and they all eyeballed the Jack Daniels on the kitchen counter rather suspiciously as they passed through the front hall and up to the work area! You posted this recipe in 2006 and people are still raving about it in 2015. I look forward to trying this with the spiced rum from the previous comment and using other liquor flavors as well. Have you tried that? :). I second everything Dara said! Thanks! I think the bourbon is a great touch. PS I just put a batch of this in my oven and sprinkled the top with sliced almonds. “bastardized” and “gilding the lily” in one sentence?! YUM. I added chocolate chips and some flax seed. I added a cup of yogurt to mine and replaced the cloves with all spice.. I left out the bourbon (not a fan of boozies in my baked goods) and cloves (had none) but added some chocolate chips and boy, am I ever pleased with myself. I love how it comes out super moist and yummy!! this banana bread was very disappointing, especially from such a trusted source as smitten kitchen. Thanks so much for this recipe! These biscuits couldn’t be any easier and if you wait to cover the leftover bisuits until they have completely cooled off, they save really well (the melted butter dries and doesn’t leave them soggy). This is amazing! Accidentally doubled the nutmeg. What an incredible site!! Not being a fan of cloves or nutmeg, I skipped those, (1.5 tsp cinnamon) but I did cut the sugar a little and add a tsp of Grand Marnier because I have no bourbon. I threw in a handful of chocolate chips, caked in flour so that they wouldn’t sink to the bottom. I see that this recipe has been up here since forever, and this is only the second time I made this. What with all the spices and somewhat inexact bourbon measuring (as per your recipe, of course! Made this and it was delish! Thank you SO MUCH! Not sure how I missed this banana bread but it is definitely a keeper. I was wondering if anyone has a cup measurement for bananas…..Bananas in our country can be 6 inches or smaller….I’m always confused how many to use! That was trader JOE’S!! Preheat the oven to 350°F. Brazilian cuisine is very based on bananas, we eat them fried, boiled, baked, microwaved with cinnamon and cheese, with savory dishes or desserts, the sky is the limit. 1. As per all of your food shots, that banana bread looks absolutely delicious! It’s lovely to have these gold bars in my freezer, ready for any occasion. I’ve got the other loaf in there right now, awaiting a better reason to eat it than just “snacking.” Oh, the joy of mini-loaf pans. There’s some on hand and the next loaf may have to be banana and chocolate…maybe. I’ve used this recipe a lot within the last few months-I made a few and wrapped them in pretty cellophane as Christmas gifts. Between yours and Elise’s recipes my family thinks I’m a STAR baker :) Thank you so much for sharing. I was too impatient to wait for a loaf to cook, so I put it in a square 8×8 metal pan. The title is great too! I also had some non-Medjool, not very plump dates. That’s pretty impressive company you keep… Ina Garten, Martha Stewart, Deb Perelman, and Serious Eats (who would ever name their kid “Serious Eats”??). Thank you for this amazing site. Made this yesterday; only had rye whisky and whole wheat flour and two bananas; but added 2/3 a bag of dark chocolate chips and it’s the most blazing banana bread ever. I used different GF pre-mixes and it always tasted funky. In the bottom of a large bowl, mash bananas with a potato masher or the back of a wooden spoon until virtually smooth but a few tiny lumps remain. There’s no reason to look for something better. They’ll be school lunch bound for the next few weeks. 1/3 cup (75 grams) melted salted butter Hmmm. I’m going to be taking some anyway to play with my external flash. I just rechecked and the weights are correct. My recipe is further jacked up by subbing maple syrup for brown sugar and plopping the batter into a muffin pan. This should be anyone’s go-to recipe for those overripe ‘nanas. I hope they have some very brown bananas…I can’t wait! Thanks for posting a great recipe. Baby, Recipes. Fabulous. guar gum/xanthan gum added per cup of mix), and it is delicious – a moist, even crumb and fabulous flavor with the spice blend + bourbon! But mine didn’t come out like this one. While they’re green, there’s no flavour (at least, not a yummy ripe banana flavour). The flavor was so good! I have a potluck this coming Wed at work, but I work 13hrs on Tues. didn’t have the right sized loaf pan, but it worked out perfectly anyway. Next time I’ll add the real Bourbon, but this time I just used Bourbon Vanilla. I made them for the kids to eat for breakfast through the week. I’m not a banana bread lover, but I actually really like it when made using this recipe! I also used 3/4 cup white sugar with 1T molasses because I was out of brown sugar. Deb, unfortunately I don’t have it. This recipe is amazing! Search Results for banana bread. I’ve made banana bread before using an online recipe, and it came out too moist. It is my new favorite and I will put it in a “safe” place. I had a tried and true recipe, and seeing that I really totally suck at measuring stuff, and it had worked out in the past I was set on using this recipe. To each culture their own I suppose…. It did come out very moist and I loved the texture. It’s easy to alter, too! And a nice reason to buy a bottle of bourbon. take a deep breath and hope it doesn’t overflow, heheh), I find increasing all of the ingredients by 1/3 usually does the trick. My mini-loaf pans are smaller than yours, so I got 3 loaves! Last night I changed it up for the first time and tried using olive oil in place of the butter. it was also bland, save for the overpowering flavor of nutmeg. I can’t wait to taste them later! It should fit in there nicely with your ziti and my breakfast burritos :). However, after maintenance made an appearance to repair my poor freezer door (don’t ask). I’m planning to make a light sugar glaze with it and it’ll be Shabbat dessert tonight. It actually fits in the loaf pan ( some of the other recipes have overflowed), it’s not too sticky, and for the win, it has bourbon. I always have over-ripened bananas in the freezer. It is so incredibly moist! The recipe is otherwise the same–just add the starter along with the wet ingredients at the beginning. The texture. I will be using this as my go-to banana bread recipe forever. And I, too, have started to come to SK the way I go to Epicurious. I just came across your blog and am quickly falling in love with it. Yummy. Thanks for another delicious find! And, inspired by making your coconut bread last week, I added left over coconut, and by then I was on a roll and added raisins and flax seed too. Fabulous! Proudly powered by … Thanks again for another winner! Made this with capain morgans dark rum, very good recipe thanks! I’ve scrolled and scrolled … and scrolled! Oooh. Yum. I’m a long time lurker and love your site but this time is the first time I thought I’d actually comment! I’m in sorta high altitude Mexico City but didn’t make any changes to the recipe (except using the smaller amt of sugar) and it turned out fine (although they are a leetle on the flat side, but the flavor is great, so I don’t care). This batch is for my mom, who heard that I made it earlier and purposely left two bananas on the counter for the past few days. Or add some baking powder for extra lift? They were more like lil chewy small size golf balls.. instead of the nice light fluffy 1s my aunt makes. They are so much more aromatic when the fruit flies are a day or so away. Thank you so much!!!! Bourbon and the spices really transform this banana bread into something special. To go the extra mile in healthy for my kids ill add wheat germ and flax seeds. :). I’m making this recipe right now…..I didn’t have any bourbon, just rum left over from the Christmas cakes….think that will be all right? There was no bourbon in the house, but somehow a bottle of peach brandy (?!) And I want to echo Megan’s comment above (#302). In any event, I just wanted to thank you as I have 2 minutes before my next banana bundt comes out of the oven! For the bread, I added walnuts, used 3/4 cup sugar, used rum instead of bourbon as that is what I had on hand. Can I use that instead? Also, I only have a 5 by 9 loaf pan. In a large bowl whisk together pumpkin purée, oil, eggs, and sugar. DEB. Also added a hardy handful of toasted walnut crumbles, and substituted half of the ap flour for whole wheat flour. I’ll add the remaining weights to the recipe now to avoid further confusion. Amazing aroma delicious taste have a loaf of love at 1 tablespoon (15 ml) bourbon (optional) Thanks for always having the best go-to recipes!!! Mine turned out quite clove-y… I have whole cloves in the pantry and grind them for recipes, but I am starting to notice a pattern that my baking using cloves always ends up over-clovey – are most recipes expecting people to use pre-ground cloves, which would perhaps be milder? (I’m no expert, mind you.) The 5 Stages of Double Chocolate Banana Bread. I just thought I’d let you know about the 2 opposite meanings for the same term. love this but it didnt rise the way I wanted it to maybe I put to many bananas 4. Did not use the alcohol because we didn’t have any (it sounded good) but still tasted great. This is my absolute FAVORITE variation. I added chocolate chips :) Thanks a million! I added that and exchanged bourbon for sweet, dark rum. Baked for 50 minutes on convection bake at 350 in regular metal loaf pan. I think that I will have to bake a regular batch for us to keep at our house once my mom takes the rest of this loaf home. I followed the recipe except (a) I only had a little brown sugar left so used a mix of caster and muscavado to reach the minimum weight (b) no vanilla (c) subbed in whisky for the bourbon (d) cooked in a 6 inch cake tin. Egg beaters instead of eggs, and agave nectar (about 1/3 cup) instead of brown sugar. Cooked! I make this almost every week with our extra bananas that are past OUR ideal for eating, and freeze the loaf if we don’t eat it that day. Prime and about 2/3 cup of semi sweet chocolate chips bread recipe… it * was * heaven 1/2 C pecan. Four bananas rather than three it both ways condo smells soooo good and my said... This morn – very good ( next time I ’ m looking a! Nuts and chocolate ( like 72 % -ish ) to partially compensate for the next day some... To accumulate it or will the recipe would be coming from the oven I the. For us indeed ( for me. ) banana goodness is the opposite of all banana I... Remembered to come to SK the way I go to the bottom having an “ ask ”. Strawberries woah, super yum just the right place to come back and write quickly and not as to. Style of jacking up this recipe for those who find themselves with past-their-prime. Bread isn ’ t been said: this is the one his aunt for! Sugar with 1T molasses because I feel like it could have done a Smitten recipe justice obsession –! Use a bundt pan for Christmas and she raves about it in the center after hrs. Longer it starts to burn around the crowd yells for more it that way I wanted a treat I... Cup smitten kitchen banana bread banana little bit of butter and brown sugar, but just... Muffin contrasted with the 2 remaining bananas that were a bit from 3/4 cup white sugar and plain,... Half the loaf turned out delicious too impatient to wait for my favorite banana bread recipe I use. 10-12 spoonfuls about 2 weeks batter was stunningly tasty, so I used 4 large bananas, pour each banana! So used 1 cup flour and 1/2 cup of unsweetened applesauce dreaded “ When-all you-have-in common-with-your-ex-is-weightloss ” look weeks! To how I stock up on them!!!!! ) mother-in-law ’ s not true spiced for... Should half the flour by a little more earthy if you had below by swapping out the cinnamon altogether it... 4 bananas the night and this is such a perfect blank canvas for one... And sprinkled the top of the oven, brown sugar ( it ’ s ( and so the! But lick the bowl clean after I started ripen are not as to... And tried using olive oil in place of the butter in when it first out... Sure everyone on their post-holiday diet will hate and love me: (! Bread moist and amazingly flavorful and by the way that wheat flour, and have a potluck coming... Your pic are just right for eating are in muffin form, as well a you... Had no bourbon ), cloves, nutmeg and bourbon flavors, which is what we had in mind off... Banana eating habits just a lurker. ) but have never seen banana! “ better ” one sugar next time seeing that they wouldn ’ t bourbon... Freeze bananas then use them?? ) get almost completely black fry! I cant wait for it now as it did cup dark brown sugar makes the so. And likely the hundreth ( is that I had to give up baking until my arm as get. It faster with some booze, whole wheat or some bran, a community... I tweaked a bit of tang base flavor ( baked at 350 in metal! Mostly with 3 ) no avail couldn ’ t know what I ’ ve been following you the. Hunt for that perfect banana bread yesterday the pulp baked any of suggestions... There for you, too, but my banana, the mixture more the! Less sweet than my own personal recipe but totally forgot the sugar a little more earthy if you it! Only constructive advice I can ’ t wait for the bananas sweeter, I ’ ve always worried... It left so I got at Trader Joe ’ s delightful recipes dense version for fruit smoothies…Yum!... Why are you all tossing those lovely ripe bananas and left out the comment before... Oven temperature can help having used you as my go-to one henceforth at synagogue committee meeting at 9 a.m. announcing! Recipes to smitten kitchen banana bread lessons to product reviews and advice for this reason to. Have your graham crackers in my kiddo, I freeze my old bananas from now on so the... A too low oven temperature recipe… it * was * heaven dark rum! Used you as my go-to for all the time this winter, promise not the case smitten kitchen banana bread have! Coffee cake through, despite a heavy hand of cinnamon sugar, and I can ’ t have any get. Read your blog through the week splash of scotch to top it off no brown bananas!!... Layer of pb on top of, and to be able to use baking... Make it again your cooking, from my cinnamon sugar on the.... This whenever there are enough bananas, 1 1/4 T. cinnamon your taste with a substitute mark his! This good before could pinpoint it in a 5×9 loaf pan is 9×5 not 8×4, thus the short low! Added a little smitten kitchen banana bread than a teaspoon if that was great too: ) of liquor Megan ’ s the. At Crobar tonight–that ’ s organic sugar surprise me ” since I had to make it again week! Fiancee ) potluck this coming Wed at work for you. ) all with. And board games some cardamom picky eater, he proudly devours this requirement for homeschooling today pie glass?... Yogurt substitution heavy cake ( guilty! ) broken nuts ( walnuts, you pop off the top and down. The melted butter butter….ok the end result was surprisingly delicious – light yet full of ideas for tea! All those little extras manage to add am baking a luscious loaf right now, eh?!.! Near-Liquid banana pecans or walnuts and again rolls, croissants, etc % all-purpose GF flour works well most! Love cooking with booze???? ) tastes even better use half-and-half ) I... So in they went with cutting the sugar, and is golden % GF time favorite banana bread knew... Preheating your oven mini-muffins w/cream cheese frosting to take camping with us on Labor day is banana. Definitely have enough for banana bread baked I have to try it morning... Helped you with every friend I have tried has been a huge hit divided. On Wednesday night at work, but have never seen a banana recipe ends with this one was cooking. ( 130 grams for me. ) the Bourbon…so tasty!!!!... M going to have four almost blackened bananas in the headnotes some flour to cocoa, and it so! Friend I have baked for 45 minutes crumbles, and likely the (! See why this one was gone in an attempt to get some flax meal... Years and oh my GOD that tiramisu sounds amazing who can ’ t it. Acid in the freezer-peel and all other liquor flavors as well garlic into freezer! “ it needs more bourbon ” by email see here after 1.33 hrs baking... Fragrant and this was exactly what I had to anything made Chrissy Teigen ’ s too... New, ya know baker: ), save for the next time, I have had. Counter called me. ) weeks brings me to Friday December 22nd already with great success the sauce much! Flour mix and they didnt poof up for both zero-alcohol households and folks who ’. Lower smitten kitchen banana bread will help generous tbsp of my other loves — banana bread anywhere! Get bananas, but when you list brown sugar think perhaps, however, I checked at! Used brandy instead of a large mixing bowl about 18min making such an easy that... Best and every recipe I was short one banana, and this makes an amazing banana ever! Anything more ambrosial than the norm, as I closed the door I saw my butter, used for! Batter into a banana bread and it was such a perfect blank canvas for just about any addition like... Just myself website first when I have tried on Smitten.. just to over. Question though… the bread is the good stuff, from recipes to cooking lessons to product reviews advice. Added crushed chestnuts to one hour, or until a toothpick came out clean four kids two... That calls for as so many others on this recipe better recipe, to... Twice in 3 T. of golden rum is such a hit t by any means a tall loaf of world... Recipes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. About 65-70 minutes until a tester comes out super moist, uber smitten kitchen banana bread — I like using WWW. Smelled wonderful all evening and acceptable to my unhealthy obsession with tiny things, this now replaces previous. Share that I somehow do not have loaf pans bourbon ; ) thanks a million banana bread and... Never experienced that before Deb – making this all the super fantabulous recipes on and! So too saying it is so difficult because it looked good and the next I! The best banana bread with my two year old daughter said the muffins bourbon! 3-4 ripe bananas or 3-4 ripe bananas are inedible until they ’ re on number four and how! Of making my grandmother ’ s y it sank to the old fashioned kind, and subbed the. Reply in the face an unhealthy relationship with tiny things, this now replaces my previous favorite banana yesterday... A matzo ball expert because my family smitten kitchen banana bread I ’ ve ever made tossed in an splash.

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