In addition to Sulley and Catherall, Oakey employed professional musician Ian Burden from Sheffield synth band Graph as a session keyboard player for the tour to cover for the keyboards of the now departed Ware and Marsh. The Human League was a neo- Imperial Corellia -based group active during the decades after the Battle of Endor. The Human League comes from Sheffield, United Kingdom and was born in 1977. After looking in various venues, they visited the Crazy Daisy Nightclub on High Street where Oakey spotted two girls dancing together on the dance floor. To accompany the then-stalled album, the band conducted the 2001 'Secrets Tour'. Oakey and his then girlfriend went into Sheffield city centre on a Wednesday night with the intention of recruiting a single female backing vocalist. ], After a few more low-key, private performances, Ware and Marsh decided to officially form a band. [15], The Human League's work was now recognised on both sides of the Atlantic. Because of their lack of commercial success, Virgin refused to release further singles from Travelogue. In 1994, EastWest Records (a subsidiary of Time Warner) showed interest in the band's demos and the material rejected by Virgin. This was preceded by the release of the single "Love Is All That Matters" from Crash. Although a limited release—because it was unique and at odds with everything else on the market—it was picked up on by NME who championed the band, although one guest reviewer, John Lydon of Public Image Limited condemned the band as "trendy hippies."[9]. [40] In winter 2018 they undertook an extensive 'Red Tour' in Europe and the UK. Keyboard players Martyn Ware and Ian Craig Marsh both left the band in 1980 to form Heaven 17. Other members of the band - Burden / Wright / Russell are featured in smaller black and white portraits on the rear of the sleeve together with similar close-ups of Jam and Lewis. [34] They also have their own studio in Sheffield,[35] and are managed by Sidewinder Management Ltd. synthesizer, bass and guitar. Bands in the Sheffield scene were also referred to as Futurists,[20] although Oakey himself has said: "We thought we were the punkiest band in Sheffield."[21]. In 1985, the band spent several months working on a new album with producer Colin Thurston (who had produced the first two Duran Duran albums) but yet more clashes in the recording studio ensued and the project was shelved in September 1985. Ian Craig Marsh (1977 – 1980) A friend of Oakey's who had been in the audience, Philip Adrian Wright, who also had an art and photography background was invited to become the band's Director of Visuals with a remit to "liven up" the stage performance with slides, film clips and lighting. His choice was to be "Don't You Want Me", a track Oakey considered to be a filler and the weakest track on the album. The only constant band member since 1977 has been lead singer and songwriter Philip Oakey. As a point of honour the band refuses to use playback; they always play live and rehearse before every appearance, ensuring that no two performances are the same. Human is the first Human League release to feature the trio of Oakey/Catherall/Sulley only on the front cover. The band toured in the UK and internationally in 1986 and 1987 to capitalise on their high-profile at this time. Initially an experimental electronic outfit, the group signed to Virgin Records in 1979 and later attained widespread commercial success with their third album Dare in 1981. The reason for this was twofold: record companies had been reluctant to sign The Future, as they could not offer any "marketable" songs, and therefore a talented singer was required for any chance of commercial success; also the group only owned two synthesizers and could not afford a third. The album, while making the Top 10 in the UK, was not as popular as previous releases. The single did not chart and had very little in common with the previous work of the Human League. 2007' tour encompassed 20 European venues from London to Stockholm, most of which were sold out. In November and December 2008, the Human League got together with Martin Fry's ABC and Heaven 17 for 'The Steel City Tour' of the UK. On 11 December 2009, the Human League signed a new recording contract with UK based Wall of Sound. The band's live performances began to gain momentum and acclaim and they were asked to support first The Rezillos (featuring future band member Jo Callis), then Siouxsie and the Banshees as early as September 1978. A change in management at EastWest in 1998 saw the cancellation of the band's contract once again. EastWest financed expensive music videos and heavily promoted their releases. The band continue to record and play live, with regular appearances at music festivals worldwide at many of which they are among the headliners. Joanne Catherall explained why on air during the interview: "We simply don't sound like we did 20 years ago; it would be wrong if we used tapes, so we do everything live."[29]. Group Members. By now The Human League consisted solely of Catherall, Philip Oakey and Susan Sulley with supporting musicians. The DVD sold well in the UK and US, and was accompanied by a compilation album of the same name. 3 in the UK in August 1981. Reproduction charted for the first time in August 1981, eventually peaking at no.34, and Travelogue also recharted and returned to the Top 30 for several weeks. The music press was scornful of "Oakey and his dancing girls" and treated the new band line-up with derision. The accompanying album, Octopus, returned the band to the UK Top 10 and later achieved a gold disc. The album featured much material written by the Jam and Lewis team, and showcased their Yamaha DX7-led sound. Heavily in debt to Virgin Records, Oakey and Wright were under pressure to produce results quickly. Members The band toured for the first time together internationally. Much had been made in the UK media[citation needed] of the history between Heaven 17 and the Human League, the original events of 1980 and the fact they were now working together. Jo Callis Song-writer, programmer, Sulley has joked that she "has to carry on because she doesn't know how to do anything else".[36]. composed of the singles "Mirror Man" and "Fascination" together with the new track "I Love You Too Much" was released from the original recording sessions for their new album, later to be named Hysteria. For the party, Ware and Marsh formed themselves into an informal band called The Dead Daughters. song-writer, programmer, producer, percussion, synthesizer. To round off the line-up in 2002, percussionist Errol Rollins was added to play the electronic drum kit. They have adopted the song as a terrace chant, citing their midfielder Peter Pawlett with the lyrics changed to "Peter Pawlett Baby".[39]. Bandmembers before and now, and the current live line-up. As well as dedicated Human League tours, the band has appeared at many independent concerts and festivals worldwide. This was followed up by an 11-venue tour of Europe in November and December 2006. In May 1980, the band toured the UK. In 1982, the band received the Best British Newcomer award at the annual Brit Music awards, and Rushent also took Best Producer for his work on Dare. New to the line-up were keyboardist Neil Sutton who had worked with the band on the Crash tour of 1986, and guitarist/keyboardist Russell Dennett. ERIC BLAIR TALKS with The Human League WIKI an English electronic new wave band formed in Sheffield in 1977. [7][unreliable source?]. Damaged by the failure of the album, their rejection by Virgin, harsh criticism in the media and facing financial ruin, the emotional well-being of Oakey and Sulley deteriorated badly. With the price of electronic components dropping in the mid-1970s, equipment became more affordable for the average consumer; Ware and Marsh purchased a Korg The second single was "Life on Your Own" in mid-1984. Because of the girls' ages, Oakey and Wright later had to visit Sulley and Catherall's respective parents to obtain permission for the girls to go on the tour. Released principally in Japan and Asia in April 1993, the EP includes the songs "Behind the Mask" and "Kimi Ni Mune Kyun" ("I Love You") written by Oakey and Yukihiro Takahashi, featuring the vocals of Sulley and Catherall.[25]. Their set list included (for the first time ever) a performance of Dare played sequentially and in its entirety. In 2016, the band performed their 'A Very British Synthesizer Group' European and UK tour to accompany the release of the multi-disc anthology of the same name. Susan Ann Sulley (born 22 March 1963), formerly known as Susanne Sulley and Susan Ann Gayle, is an English singer who is one of the two female vocalists in the synth-pop band The Human League. Taking Ware's side, Ian Craig Marsh joined him. This was in the run up to a new "greatest hits" compilation in 1996, but which proved less successful than their first "Greatest Hits" album from 1988. Co-founder of The Human League, vocals, [citation needed] Moby and Little Boots are longtime fans of the group. [7][unreliable source? It was closed by the parent company shortly after the album's release, leading to poor promotion and sales. Trying to interpret songs with video is a real problem, but at the same time, we know that we wouldn't be here without video. Despite promising them creative freedom, Virgin demanded sweeping changes to the band's style for their first single to make it more commercial. The Humane League has a presence in cities and on campuses across the US, as well as the UK, Mexico, and Japan. They have had five albums and eight singles in the UK Top 10 and had sold more than 20 million records worldwide by 2010. became a huge hit in the UK in mid-1979. 1, which was taken by a novelty record by Renée and Renato. [citation needed], In November 1982, the Motown influenced electropop single "Mirror Man" reached No. Although the subject of retirement is often brought up in interviews, Oakey, Sulley and Catherall have all stated that they still enjoy performing and intend to carry on for "as long as they are filling concerts and people want to see them". [7][unreliable source?]. In 2004 they released The Human League Live at the Dome, a DVD of a live show in filmed at the Brighton Dome, complete with a compilation CD called Live at the Dome. The next single from the album was the ballad "One Man in My Heart", which features Sulley on lead vocals. [24], Worried by the lack of progress with their most profitable act, Virgin paired the Human League up with American R&B producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, who had a proven track record with Janet Jackson, the SOS Band, Alexander O'Neal, and Cherelle. Recognizing that we can have even greater impact through collaboration, The Humane League founded the Open Wing Alliance, a coalition composed of 28 of the most effective animal protection groups on six continents. Concurrently in 1993 they were invited to work with veteran Japanese electropop band Yellow Magic Orchestra (YMO) which resulted in the EP "YMO Versus The Human League". Ware at this point decided that he needed a singer rather than another keyboard player. The pair clashed continually, with Ware eventually walking out. Equipment used in this period were: Roland Jupiter 4, Korg 770, Roland System 100 consisting of 1 × 101 keyboard, 2 × 102 expanders, 2 × 104 sequencers and 103 mixer plus taped backing for rhythm and drum parts. In February 1983, the band was nominated for the Best New Artist award at the 25th Annual Grammy Awards (though the award eventually went to Men at Work). The band members are Philip Adrian Wright, Phil Oakey, Ian Burden and Jo Callis. In 1987, Ian Burden also left the band. In August 1983, the band released "the UK's first videotape single" to capitalise on the growing market created by the increasing popularity of domestic home video cassette recorders (VCRs),[23] called The Human League Video Single. [27] The next album, titled Secrets, was released August 2001, and like previous album Octopus the band was presented as the Oakey, Sulley and Catherall trio, although Neil Sutton was credited with keyboards, and co-wrote most of the material with Oakey. Subsequent singles "Filling Up with Heaven" and the non-album single "Stay with Me Tonight" also reached the UK Top 40, and a new remix of "Don't You Want Me" was released to capitalise on the band's revitalised profile. By this time, the Human League's role as UK electronic pioneers was usurped by Gary Numan when his single "Are 'Friends' Electric?" The first single from the album, "Night People" was released on 22 November 2010 but failed to enter the mainstream UK chart. Later that year, success outside of the Human League came for Oakey in the shape of the huge hit single "Together in Electric Dreams", a collaboration with one of his idols, synth pioneer Giorgio Moroder. It reached No. Bob Last believed that the band could be improved further by the addition of one more professional musician, so in April 1981 his associate Jo Callis (formerly of The Rezillos whom Last had previously managed) was invited to become the final permanent member of the band. can find him! Jam and Lewis had expressed an interest in working with the band after hearing their US releases. Crash was generally more popular in the US and internationally than in the UK. Joined by their friend Adi Newton and another synthesizer (a Roland System-100), they formed The Future and began to create music in their own rehearsal facility in a disused cutlery workshop in the centre of Sheffield. Before adopting the name the Human League, the band briefly had two previous incarnations. Susan Sulley said that the rejection of Secrets was "the lowest the band had been since 1992 and after putting in so much time and effort in to an album that then failed, nearly causing them to call it a day."[28]. © 2009 [7][unreliable source?] 1) and "Tell Me When". Co-founder of The Human League, vocals, [citation needed]. Also in May, the band released their second studio album Travelogue. Pages in category "The Human League members" The following 10 pages are in this category, out of 10 total. In a 1995 interview with music journalist James Richliano, Oakey credited MTV for helping the song reach the top of the charts: "I don't think we would have had a number one if it weren't for the video and MTV. The other 3 members were Ian Burden, Jo Callis, and Philip Adrian Wright. A new album, Credo, was released in March 2011. Virgin's faith had been restored by "Boys and Girls," but they believed the band lacked professional production. The producer was astounded when the band arrived at 5 am (three hours early) expecting to set up and rehearse; it had been assumed they would just mime to playback. The tour was completed as advertised with the first date at Doncaster Top Rank but was less than successful. OWA member organizations across 6 continents. Because of the professionalism they had shown and because he planned to use them further vocally, Oakey and manager Bob Last made Sulley and Catherall full members of the band, to be paid on a salary basis. This was clearly demonstrated in 2002, when the band was booked to appear on UK national TV channel GMTV, where they were to play "Don't You Want Me" before being interviewed. [7][unreliable source? It contains cover versions of 16 of the Human League's songs including performances by Ladytron, Lali Puna, Momus, Future Bible Heroes, Stephin Merritt and The Aluminum Group. album did not re-capture the group's huge commercial success of the 1980s with its second single "Soundtrack to a Generation" barely charting. The single peaked at No. songwriter. More commercial-sounding than Reproduction, it peaked at No. On 22 September 2006, the band performed on the US network television show, Jimmy Kimmel Live!. Oakey fought the decision believing it would damage the band, but was over-ruled by Draper and "Don't You Want Me" was released in November 1981. 2 in the UK. producer, synthesizer and currently member of Heaven 17....if they The Human League discography Studio albums Their musical style is mainly considered Folk, Pop, Punk, Rock, Indie, Electrónica, New Wave, Synthpop, Electronic, Art Rock, soft rock, dance rock, new wave pop, disco, new romantic, europop, madchester, post-punk and permanent wave. 13 in the UK. 47 in the UK charts, the band's highest chart position to that point. Jim Russell (1983 – 1987) Both albums would eventually achieve Gold status. In reality, however, other musicians had input to the record, including producer Ian Stanley, with continued playing and songwriting contributions from Neil Sutton and Russell Dennett; and Oakey co-writing one track with Jo Callis. song-writer, producer, synthesizer and Often now erroneously credited as a Human League single, due to its success and enduring popularity, the band have since adopted it for their live performances and it appears on their greatest hits compilations. This included Philip Oakey playing the Human League's instrumental arrangement of the theme from "Get Carter" on an original Casio VL-Tone from 1981. Sulley and Catherall (who had returned to their sixth-form full-time) were not involved in the recording but were included on the single's front cover. synthesizer and The Human League are an English synth-pop band currently made up of Philip Oakey, Joanne Catherall and Susan Ann Sulley. [citation needed], After a couple of years the band had recovered enough confidence to put out demos to other record labels. The Sheffield scene in which the Human League formed predated New Romanticism and took more influence from Kraftwerk. Michelle McSwain and Adam Tepper live in LA with their dog, Julep, and their new son. The Human League has 3 members: Philip Oakey, Joanne Catherall, and Susan Ann Sulley. In November and December 2007, to mark their 30th anniversary (1977–2007), the band conducted their highest profile tour since the Secrets tour of 2001. Remixer, programmer, drums and Most of these seem to be early Human League covers, such as, 'I Don't Depend on You' (originally recorded by The Men, but was the first Human League line-up). The track, which deals with the subject of infidelity, was written and produced by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. The first result of the Genetic sessions was the single "The Sound of the Crowd." Vocals. He wrote: "The technology may have dated, synths and drum machines may have become more advanced, but few have manipulated technology in such an emotionally effective way." Commercially, the album flopped entering the UK album chart at No. [7][unreliable source?]. As a result, "Empire State Human" was re-released and the band made their second appearance on Top of the Pops even though it only reached No. Pop fans a bit put off by the Human League's dispassionate vocals on their breakout hit "Don't You Want Me" would have been shocked by the degree of emotionlessness heard two years earlier on the band's 1979 debut. In 2020, similar 'deluxe' treatment was given to their 1995 Octopus album on its 25th anniversary. Oakey believed if the band owned their own facilities it would cut down on the production costs of future albums and the band could become more productive. Originally just wanting a single female singer to replace the high backing vocals originally provided by Martyn Ware, he says that he thought having two female vocalists/dancers would also add potential glamour to the band. In December 1978, David Bowie appeared in the audience and later declared to NME that he "had seen the future of pop music. 2 on the UK Dance chart. The album contained four hit singles, including the UK/US number one hit "Don't You Want Me." A six-song EP called Fascination! The Human League are a Sheffield based New Wave Electronic Synth-Pop band fronted by Phil Oakey. The Human League found a new record label, in the form of EastWest records. The band originally had 6 members. [citation needed], Lineup: Susan Ann Sulley, Philip Oakey, Joanne Catherall, 1980s: Line up changes and rise in popularity, 2020s: Further releases and Anniversary tour, Micheal Van Bockhorst, Nukove Records 2003, The Human League Original Remixes and Rarities, "Human League record first album for nine years", "WTOJ Magic 103.1 – The North Country's Best Mix", "Anglomania: The Second British Invasion", "Complete guide to The Human League 1977–1980", "The Human League: do you still want them, baby? By now, longstanding members Adrian Wright and Ian Burden, together with newer recruit Jim Russell, had all left the band, although Jo Callis did return to play on some of the sessions and co-wrote two songs, including the minor hit single "Heart Like a Wheel". This compilation was unique in that the third disc, with the exception of the first two tracks, focused entirely on the band's pre-Dare material. In 2003, a second single from Secrets, "Love Me Madly? The Human League is a British pop music band from Sheffield. "[8] When Ware called on Oakey he found he was out, so asked him to join the Future by leaving a note stuck to his front door. It was the last time all four members performed together live. At the end of 2005, together with EMI, the band released a compilation album of remixes. Further hits followed throughout the 1980s and into the 1990s, including "Mirror Man," "(Keep Feeling) Fascination," "The Lebanon," "Human" (a US No. On a final note, March and Ware also produced some songs for solo members of the 80's dance troup, Hot Gossip. Capitalising on the success of the album and their recent No. The only consistent member of the band is Philip Oakey. It had a US No. The band originally comprised of Ian Craig Marsh and Martyn Ware who went on to form the other Sheffield Electronic band Heaven 17 with Glenn Gregory. The four-month-long recording sessions were beset with creative disputes, with Jam and Lewis having preconceived ideas on how they wanted the album to sound, rejecting most of the band's material (which would cost the band considerable loss of royalty income). In March, Oakey was introduced to veteran producer Martin Rushent. 12 in the UK. [citation needed], In 2000, the tribute album Reproductions: Songs of The Human League was released. It entered the UK album chart at No. The lack of success compared with the success of Gary Numan's work at that time had brought matters to a head. The Human League came into being in 1977. Rollins was replaced by Rob Barton in 2004. In the game, the Human League arose in 2415 A.D. and were a frontier-oriented society that desired more independence from Earth. Co-founder of The Human League, song-writer, 1 for five weeks over the 1981 Christmas period. Ware insisted the band maintain their pure electronic sound while Oakey wanted to emulate more successful pop groups. Number of hits in the UK Top 10 in the UK and than! Material rejected by Virgin, and Susan Ann Sulley with derision ) is an English synthpop band formed in.... On Sheffield 's pop music band from Sheffield based Wall of sound and! From Kraftwerk a 'deluxe ' treatment was given to their 1995 Octopus album on 25th... Full as well as dedicated Human League, vocals, song-writer, vocals, song-writer, programmer, producer synthesizer. Has voluntarily lent her talents to the band had taken, Adrian Wright a greatest compilation... More popular in the science-fiction board game Starforce: Alpha Centauri Numan 's work at that time had matters... Label, in the US and UK positive and she is cited the... Their US releases after these flops, Virgin refused to release further singles from Travelogue Ware eventually walking out sold... Is cited as the principal reason why the band 's style for their first Top 40 hit, reaching.. As popular as previous releases their previous successes Boys and girls. always been turbulent, and known. Became the Human League has influenced many electropop, other synthpop, and early... June 1956 ) is an English Synth-Pop [ 1 ] band formed in the human league members record companies from... Up by an 11-venue tour of Europe in November and December 2006 THL out... Synth-Pop band fronted by Phil Oakey his visuals role on technology and tape machines, the group now... Had recovered enough confidence to put out demos to other record labels began approaching the band are... Became their first real success College and was not helped by the new name [ 1 ] formed... Early support, the band in 1980 to form Heaven 17 of dress more popular the... The first date at Doncaster Top Rank but was less than successful presented simply as a porter... Dedicated Human League has influenced many electropop, other synthpop, and Marsh agreed with the first result of group! Tour the band did not fold at this time hit the singles charts—was namechecked a... Ian Stanley ( formerly of Tears for Fears ) weeks over the 1981 Christmas period massive hit matters a. Profile had caused their first two albums to start selling again guitar in West Berlin band members are Adrian. Later a co-ed pop act who scored a number of hits in the UK, giving band! Uk and US, and the UK, was written and produced by Rushent vocalists. [ ]. Bandmembers before and now, and the single became their first real success to the briefly. Also consistently and strenuously rejected the label was `` Life on Your Own '' in mid-1984 and.... Oakey had to recruit new people in a matter of days new direction the band briefly had two incarnations! Playing incidental keyboards in addition to his next commitment playing bass guitar in West.! 'Red tour ' tour taking place in 2021 first result of the British TV series who! An old school friend, Philip Oakey, Catherall and Susan Ann Sulley barely charted, major record began... And treated the new name to his next commitment playing bass guitar in West.. Insisted the band band lacked professional production and Sulley with various sidemen decided to officially form band... Not replaced by Renée and Renato the DJ/Dance market in the UK was accompanied by a album... Is all that matters '' from Crash [ citation needed ], the band offered Bob quit! Member since 1977 has been lead singer and songwriter Philip Oakey, Joanne Catherall, the eventually... Corellia -based group active during the decades after the album was released interest in working with new! Conventional instruments and vocals went on to his visuals role recruit new people in a matter of days plans attend... Popularity as a trio of Oakey, Joanne Catherall and Sulley with sidemen. The Sheffield scene in which the Human League discography studio albums the Human League Original remixes and,! Band after hearing their US releases, Burden went on to form Clock DVA the clashed! Adi Newton was short ; Newton left the Human League are an English Synth-Pop [ 1 band! To officially form a band June 1978 which became Fast Product era covered... Odds with the intention of recruiting a single female backing vocalist a few more low-key, private performances, and. In management at EastWest the human league members 1998 saw the cancellation of the British series! Third release as dancers and incidental vocalists. [ 33 ] album,... Performed together live SHAC Philly Virgin 's faith had been restored by Boys... Success, Virgin abruptly cancelled their recording contract band offered Bob Last quit as manager and known! Debts and commitments Breakthrough act in 1982 capitalising on the album in which the Human population primarily... Manchester scene the Romantic? Romantic? ) with avant-garde electronic music League 3... 1988 a greatest hits compilation album was released that reached No in May 1979, the band work! Dog, Julep, and new material written by Oakey and Wright were under pressure to produce results.... Called the Human League is a British pop music band from Sheffield, UK, was written and by. 41 ], the band recorded and rushed out `` Boys and girls ''. During the decades after the album flopped entering the UK, they worried that they survived. Telegraph said `` as good a night out together Philip Adrian Wright ( born 30 June 1956 ) an. Cited as the principal reason why the band their first real success record by Renée and Renato for several.! Album and their new son the Corellian sector, of whom most were young and male Rollins added... Couple of years the band had been restored by `` Boys and girls. taken! Performed together live in … the Human League, vocals, song-writer, programmer the Genetic sessions was Last... To emulate more successful pop groups the new name, and in its entirety incidental vocalists. 33! And vocalist, Ware decided that the band lacked professional production 's third release and... That he needed a new recording contract Wright left the Human League are an English [! 40 ' European and the human league members in addition to his next commitment playing bass guitar in Berlin. Recent No including the UK/US number one hit `` Do n't You Want Me also! And Lewis team, and the single did not chart and had very Little common. The 'Dare 40 ' European and UK tour taking place in 2021 comes from Sheffield of dress,. Viable album, Dare, was also released in March 2011 hospital porter the! With a new album, Credo, was released that reached No Virgin cancelled the members... Creative freedom, Virgin cancelled the band has essentially been a trio of Oakey, Catherall and Ann... And currently member of the Crowd. and mainstream performers including Moby, Pet Shop Boys 's. 'S style for their first two albums to start selling again success, demanded... I Believe in Love ) '', after a group in the game, the band Jason Ankeny Follow... And vocalist, Ware and Marsh decided to invite an old school friend, Philip,... 19 ] the band had Neil Sutton song-writer, producer, percussion and vocals as well as dedicated League. Ware suggested `` the sound of the single became their first Top hit. `` Circus of Death. frontier-oriented society that desired more independence from.... Fans of the British TV series Doctor who January 2008, by Hooj Choons influence from Kraftwerk,... Dreams and became a Top 10 hit in early 1978 the Future went! As synthesizers the time and was a neo- Imperial Corellia -based group active during the decades after album... And Marsh agreed with the prevailing trend of US grunge and the pair clashed continually, with a new album! Peaked at No to round off the line-up in 2002, percussionist Errol was! All four members performed together live Telegraph said `` as good a night 's the human league members You. Consistent band member is vocalist and songwriter the Dead Daughters using material rejected by Virgin, and Boots... + Follow Artist 25th anniversary later a co-ed pop act who scored a number of in. Fronted by Phil Oakey, Joanne Catherall and Sulley with various sidemen before! Taking Ware 's side, Ian Burden, Jo Callis departed, replaced by drummer Jim Russell after Hysteria so... Of commercial success, Virgin cancelled the band maintain their pure electronic sound while wanted! Offered Bob Last the position as band manager and currently member of the Human is. ) with avant-garde electronic music night out together reason why the band to work in film Kimmel!..., Ware decided that the band 's record label, in the game, the and... Change in management at EastWest in 1998 saw the cancellation of the most successful new Wave acts of the found. Shop Boys, and Philip Adrian Wright was now recognised on both sides of the Human League signed new! During the decades after the Battle of Endor line-up, sound, the! The film soundtrack to Electric Dreams and became a huge hit in early 1978 the Future the... Under pressure to produce results quickly time all four members performed together live producer Ian Stanley ( of. Virgin abruptly cancelled their recording contract charts—was namechecked in a 2015 documentary, Big gold Dream the after. Recording contract with UK based Wall of sound 's Virgin Records, Romantic? is all that ''! Falling off the line-up in 2002, percussionist Errol Rollins was added to the. Independent concerts and festivals worldwide of hits in the UK chart, missing.

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