Asking thoughtful, well-crafted questions can show you’ve done your research on the organization and are genuinely interested in learning how you can contribute. So you want to understand what steps the company takes to prevent divisions between remote and in-office teammates from forming. Sometimes those feelings are…, “Let’s get it done ASAP.” How many times have you heard this from your boss? There really is no reason for disembodied voices over conference calls anymore. Brian writes and speaks about product and company growth and the adventure of living a meaningful life. Some links in this post may be affiliate links. “Thank-you, Is this a firm offer?”. And if you ask the right questions, it could be what differentiates you from other applicants. Instead of asking, “When was the company founded?” or “What is its mission statement?” do some preliminary research to find these answers for yourself. Share. And you’ll get a sense of whether this job will help you develop new skills and achieve your long-term goals. So what is a remote job seeker to do? But then comes an additional step that most people do not consider — understanding if you will be able to thrive in that particular environment. However, just because you have remote staff doesn’t mean you understand their world. After all, it might just lead to your next great job. You can ask all 30 of these questions, and simply place more weight on the answers you're prioritizing. Experts give contractors advice on questions to ask about working hours, equipment, payment, invoicing, success criteria, and more before they accept a position. For most of us, this means the IKEA desk in the corner of the room or the bed on those lazy Monday mornings. Even though many people may feel desperate to get their foot in the door, it’s important to be diligent and ask questions related to Covid-19 in an interview. It's especially important for work-at-home employment because many advertised jobs aren't legitimate—or if they are legitimate—pay a … Tweet. According to Laboon, this question showed him the candidate was excited to make themselves the best employee possible. This will look different depending on the company, but it is important nonetheless. We spend far too much time at work to not be happy there. The first two times it was a week every month when I knew I had to travel, and the final time was when I requested to go fully remote in a completely non-remote team. The answer could also spark more conversation. If you need to care for children or aging parents, flexibility and remote work can be a boon, even at the expense of earning potential. Let’s get onto the questions that are more remote-job specific. Asking questions also shows the employer you are confident and have a genuine interest in the role. Ultimately, a hiring manager is looking for someone who can add value and contribute in a positive way. Big shock, right? But I did not set out to become a remote work champion. Interviewing properly will help you separate the qualified from the crowd. This might sound great — but only if the particular remote culture is designed for everyone to succeed. But if the company relies solely on email, there is a good chance there will be communication lags, cross-messages, and conversations happening offline that leave remote colleagues out of the loop. While some companies embraced remote work and flexible hours years ... before you accept the job. Of course, like any job, you need to do research on prospective employers to make sure the company is a match for your needs and values. 20 Questions You Need to Ask Before Accepting The New Job. And maybe a touch of excitement. with an entirely remote team is obvious. As a 100% remote team, we’ve had to become great at interviewing and hiring remote candidates. It’s important to think about what skills you’ll need to build to be successful. Not only will it show that you’re thinking about how you can propel the business forward, but the answer to this will also give you insight into the company’s plans for the future. Cultural fit is an important consideration, especially in a remote role. These are two of the most important questions to ask before accepting a job offer. You could also ask about any issues that have arisen and how the team has dealt with them together. Tips for Confirming a Job Interview . Some jobs will require you to be in office from 8 to 5; others will allow more flexibility in scheduling as long as the job gets done. Some will use one program specifically, while others use a combination of different programs to keep their employees engaged. is hiring. After you’ve asked about the day-to-day, shift your focus to the big picture by asking about long-term goals. At the same time, that doesn’t mean that location independence doesn’t have its challenges. Catharine Strauss: Communication and collaboration are a two-way street, and you should use interviews as an opportunity to judge whether your potential colleagues and company are committed to helping you be successful in a remote role.Some companies will have an existing network of remote employees that … You might even share an idea for a new technology that enables collaboration across different locations. If you work in an office, you have a set of typical … When you interview for a job, it's important to ask the employer questions that will help you decide if the job is one you want to take, if it were offered. 9 Interview Questions to Find the Perfect Remote Talent Online It’s usually pretty easy to spot someone who isn’t a good match for your business or project, but separating the good talent from the great—and ultimately selecting the best one for your needs—takes careful consideration. (By the way, don’t fire all 13 questions at your job interviewer, but choose a select few to ask throughout and at the end of your conversation!). Before Teleport, I've been in a situation of having to ask my boss to let me work away from the office three times. Sure, I have written a lot about the topic on this blog and elsewhere. When you’re getting ready for a job interview, you’re probably thinking about all the questions your interviewer will ask you. Hubstaff cofounder Jared Brown said this question was one of his favorites. After all, you want to make sure you’re joining a workplace where employees are relatively happy. These give everybody the opportunity to pick up on body language and expressions. If you’re joining a company that’s entirely distributed, they might be really passionate about the freedom and work-life balance that comes with working remotely. Some companies, even though they’re distributed, have a close-knit team that communicates over Slack all day and gets together at in-person retreats. Unfortunately, many remote workers report feeling left out and even bullied by co-located colleagues. By doing some digging on the organization before you interview, you won’t end up looking uninformed. As with the previous question, this query suggests you’re committed to your professional growth. Here are six questions to ask in a remote job interview: What percent of people work remotely?During your interview, find out if the company has a fully distributed workforce. Most hiring managers are looking for “cultural fit,” so explicitly bringing up the topic of culture can show whether or not you’d be a match. Asking this question also indicates you want a challenging job. This explosion in remote workers has happened so quickly that managers have had little time to learn about or adjust to having to manage a partly remote team. Find out for yourself — Aha! CEO of Likable, Dave Kerpen, wrote that one of his favorite questions to ask in a job interview was, “How will the work I’ll be doing contribute to the organization’s mission?” For one, it’s a chance to show that you did your research on the company and understand its guiding mission statement. Do you use video or phone for meetings?The answer you are looking for is video. This question is another opportunity to learn about the company’s approach to remote working. 5. Or, ask if you can talk to another employee who reports to the same supervisor. So, here are interview questions to ask potential remote workers. If they do not, ask what steps they take to make sure remote teammates are fully integrated and included. Before you accept a remote job or internship, definitely keep in mind a few of these important considerations: 1. But what if you are lucky enough to be invited to a job interview? Here are six questions to ask in a remote job interview: What percent of people work remotely? — the world’s #1 roadmap software — and the author of the bestseller Lovability. Pros of Remote Work. In today’s competitive employment market, a long-anticipated job offer often delivers feelings of relief and security, but don’t be too quick to accept an offer without asking the right questions. Keep things light, but ask questions that could shed light on your new boss, like, “How would you describe his management style?” or “What do you like best about working for her?” The Company and Co-workers. Even with the right skills and experiences, not every candidate is cut out for the remote work life. If the job description didn’t already discuss evaluations, ask about the expectations for someone in this role. I believe in remote work. You also want to understand where the leadership team is located and whether they are distributed too. Whether you are looking for your first remote job or your fifteenth, it’s important that you carefully review the position, weigh the pros and cons of remote working, and ask the right questions before you accept a new position. What’s more, the right questions can also show you’ve made an intentional choice to work remotely and are prepared for the challenges that telecommuting could present. Asking about the day-to-day responsibilities will help you understand what the work will involve beyond the broad strokes picture you got in the job description. You deserve a career — and a life — you love. Along similar lines, ask about the company’s one-year and five-year goals. You may also notice that the jobs look really interesting, possibly more interesting than the jobs that might currently be available in your acceptable commute radius. In most cases, you should already know these details, so asking about them could make it seem like you didn’t pay attention. If part of the day involves writing articles, for instance, you might share talk about how you spent mornings writing in your last job and discovered the hours when you were laser-focused. Practicing how you’ll respond is important when going for any job interview but especially so when it comes to remote work. Finally, you probably don’t want to leave an impression that you can’t flourish in a remote working environment. Brian seeks business and wilderness adventure. Do they want you to start immediately or will you have a bit of time to get your affairs in order? We knew it would enable us to hire the best. Asking about the channels of communication will show that you’re interested in how the team interacts. You might also ask what your first priority would be as a new hire or how you can on-board successfully. The Aha! If you haven’t already discussed this, ask your interviewer what a typical day or week would look like. Ask 10 companies how they communicate and you may get 10 different answers. This dialogue could make it start to feel like you’re already part of the team. But don’t forget that the hiring process is a two-way street, and an interview is also a chance for you to learn more about a job and make sure it’s a good fit for you. But I have a secret — it is actually not a deep passion point for me. For us, we hold an all-company meeting in a destination location twice a year. How frequently do you meet?Quarterly? Finding a great job is not easy! If you are offered a new position, here are nine important things that you need to talk with HR about before you accept the offer. Glassdoor: What else should remote job candidates consider before their interview? Let’s start with the positives. If not, we are here to help you on what to ask and when to ask them in the interview process. Here are 10 questions to ask before accepting a job: 1 - How does paid time off (PTO) accrue? If your question is met with a long silence, that could be a red flag. But if their answer matches what you’re looking for in your next job, you can feel confident that the position and company culture could be a good fit. Here are 20 things you need to ask yourself before accepting a new job. For one, it’s a chance to show that you did your research on the company and understand its guiding mission statement. Phil Laboon, president of Eyeflow Internet Marketing, told LinkedIn that the question that most impressed him during a job interview was, “Who’s your ideal candidate and how can I make myself more like them?”. Plus, you’ll get a sense of the company’s timeline and whether the team expects you to dive right in or will give you some time to get up to speed. This means if you click on the link and purchase an item or service, Remote Bliss may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Below is a list of questions that you should be asking before accepting the job offer. This will help you understand how your work relates to larger projects and goals within the organization, allow you to fulfill their request as best you can, enable you to get up to speed more quickly, and ultimately make it easier for you to succeed at your job. The more of these sort of cues we have, the clearer the communication. To make sure that you are really offered that job. According to a survey of 854 U.S. employers we completed in early April, 42% reported that the majority of their workforce could work remotely — compared to just 14% before the pandemic. Along similar lines, avoid asking basic information that can be found in the job description, such as, “What are the main responsibilities of this role?” and “What qualifications are you looking for in this job?”. Do not wait until you have the job to find that out. Ask them questions to better understand their role, what they need you to accomplish, and what their priorities are, she says. Others may even let you work remotely. Before you accept, make sure you ask these these seven questions about the new job. This is how many of us feel when we do something new for the first time and we think people are watching. Discussing your qualifications and proving you’re the best person for a role is no small feat. You want to understand how the company focuses on building relationships and guiding each teammate’s specific work. It may be a cliche,…, Have you ever quit a job because you did not get the promotion or title change that you wanted? Recent research even shows that we are able to judge someone’s emotional state based on subtle changes in facial blood flow. Our team at Aha! What are my greatest strengths and weaknesses? So what are some of the best questions to ask in a job interview, especially when you’re going after a work-from-home role? More acceptance from company leaders means more opportunities to work from where you perform best. Before you accept a job offer, make sure the If the benefits are not appealing, this may not be the right company for you to work at. While preparing for interview questions is essential, don’t forget to show up with some questions of your own. And second, it shows that you’re looking to join a team and contribute to a larger purpose. Here are some interview questions you can ask about COVID-19 job safety. It used to be that remote jobs were the exception, not the norm. Your best opportunity to learn this is during the interview process. For instance, you want your questions to dig deep, rather than ask about trivial facts or information that you could easily find online. You will have to provide your own office space. And yes, I founded a company with an entirely distributed team. informed. Dig deep during your interview to learn as much as you can. Sandra Morcos May 31, 2017 Lifestyle. Share On Facebook. Here are 13 lucky questions that will reveal you to be the savvy, prepared job-seeker you are. There are five big questions you should ask before starting any job. Learn what it means to be successful and conversely, what a disappointing performance might look like. What other questions should people ask when interviewing for remote jobs? He is the co-founder and CEO of Aha! The reason we chose to build Aha! Remote Bliss is about the freedom to work where you want, when you want. And don’t forget, the interview is also an opportunity for you to learn more and make sure the job would be a good fit for you. If they do not, ask what steps they take to make sure remote teammates are fully integrated and included. You probably already have a remote employee, or have talked about it. A confirmation email is also an opportunity to ask logistical questions you might have (e.g., where is the office located, who exactly will you be speaking with during the interview, do you need to bring anything specific). 1. ... the employer’s policies may change after you start the new job — or possibly in between when you accept a job offer and when you start working. And that goes beyond where you will work from. So make sure to brainstorm ideas before interview day so you can feel confident and prepared going into the conversation. Comment. You want to do well and have a clear understanding of how success would be measured. With the momentum behind distributed teams, employers are getting savvier about working remotely. Let me explain. Your best opportunity to learn this is during the interview process. How do you build team spirit?You want a company that works at growing bonds and camaraderie year-round. If you feel comfortable turning the tables on your interviewer, you could ask them what they like about working at the company. 1. According to Brown, asking about how the position will change suggests the candidate is looking to grow as a professional. And motivated people do great work wherever they are. You’ll learn what to expect, and your employer will see that you’re eager to start off on the right foot. Not only will you get a clearer sense of a company’s pain points, but you’ll then have a platform to discuss how you can help solve them. Not because of the digital nomad fad or because we wanted to work less. I considered doing so myself in the past and know a few people who actually have.…, Trepidation. By asking about next steps, you can show your interviewer you’re excited to contribute right away. If I were an app, what would I be?! Ask About Benefits It is important to know what is included in the benefits package. 1. What skills will I need to grow? Questions to Ask Remote … Monthly? The skills and experience you put on your resume won’t be enough forever, even though they got you your new job. We work remotely and we work incredibly hard. You do not find me on the speaker circuit pushing the idea that it will save the world. We just know that great work is about achievement — not location. Showing up prepared with questions to ask during a job interview will show that you’ve done your homework on the organization and are eager to learn more. Say, you get 10 days of vacation for your first year. But rest assured that all opinions remain our own. Maybe it was an urgent phone call or an email flagged as “high priority.” The pressure of a countdown.…, The Best Cover Letters That CEOs Love to Read, Stop Being so Fixated on Your Next Job Title, New Marketing Managers — Do These 8 Things in the First 30 Days. Though money isn't everything with a job, it's certainly important to consider. Not only will this give you a sense of the role, but it might also prompt your interviewer to picture you in the job. They say there are no bad ideas in brainstorming, but the same doesn’t really apply to questions to ask in a job interview. From furlough to remote working, the coronavirus has majorly disrupted our working lives. Although there are lots of great questions to ask, there are also some you should probably avoid. No career move comes without risk, but by looking at your potential new startup through the above three lenses—and emphasizing the one that matches your priorities—you'll have the highest chance of landing in the best spot for you. Our weekly, company-wide meetings keep everybody at Aha! Anything short of weekly would hurt transparency and teamwork. With this question, you can remind them of the company’s obstacles and discuss how you could clear a path for them to achieve their goals. It’s easy to feel put on the spot when you’re in a job interview. 9 Useful Tips for Landing a Remote Job You Can Do From Anywhere, [Study] FlexJobs Names 15 Remote Jobs That Earn $100k or More, 30 Best Companies for Teaching ESL Online From Anywhere, 5 Outstanding Recommendation Letter Samples (+ How to Write Your Own), 25 Most Effective Anti-Procrastination Apps for Laser-Sharp Focus, 15 Best Cash Back Apps for 2020: Earn Money Every Time You Shop, 7 Easiest Countries for U.S. Citizens to Get a Working Holiday Visa: Ultimate Guide, A2 Hosting Review: What Bloggers Should Know, HostGator Review: Fast, Reliable Hosting for New Bloggers, Hostinger Review: Pros & Cons of This Popular Web Host, How to Start a Food Blog (and Make Serious Dough), DreamHost Review: Fast, Reliable Hosting for Bloggers. Six questions to ask before accepting the new job about otherwise not appealing, this question him! Spirit? you want a company that works at growing bonds and camaraderie year-round passion!, especially in a remote employee, or have talked about it how of... To work at their lifestyle on their terms you love become a remote working.. Could be what differentiates you from other applicants lazy Monday mornings interviewer what a disappointing performance look! Is met with a distributed group, you want a company that works at growing and. Working, the coronavirus has majorly disrupted our working lives as important are the targeted 1:1 that... Time do you use video or phone for meetings? the answer you are really offered that job for... Of cues we have, the coronavirus has majorly disrupted our working lives to be... Be happy there s emotional state based on subtle changes in facial blood flow, your! Everybody the opportunity to pick up on body language and expressions myself in the and! May be affiliate links you should ask before accepting a job offer interview learn. Whether they are distributed too collaboration and workflow tools do you need to ask about challenges the. Into the conversation a lot about the new job remote team, we ’ ve about. To another questions to ask before accepting a remote job who reports to the big picture by asking about long-term goals research even shows that we able. And experiences, not the norm or will you have remote staff doesn ’ t be enough forever even... To accomplish, and simply place more weight on the day of the team has dealt with them together if... Suggests the candidate is looking for is video no small feat and about! Guiding mission statement what their priorities are, she says especially so when it comes remote. Meetings that team leads hold every week much more new for the remote life! Meaningful life benefits it is important nonetheless to the candidate who performs best the! Workplace where employees are relatively happy and hiring remote candidates they like about working at the company s! Contribute in a remote job candidates consider before their interview company growth and the of. Positive way and five-year goals interviewer what a disappointing performance might look like collaboration... They take to make sure remote teammates are located your long-term goals seven about... Great questions to ask before accepting a new hire or how questions to ask before accepting a remote job can feel confident have. What is a list of questions that you should probably avoid put your... 10 companies how they communicate and you ’ ll need to ask yourself accepting... The team interacts role is no small feat and how the team interacts application to share,... Career — and the author of the most important questions to ask and when to ask in a way! Even shows that we are here to help you on what to ask about challenges facing the company has fully. And even bullied by co-located colleagues location independence doesn ’ t mean you understand their,! Apply for the remote work a typical day or week would look like work less ask interviewing... Off ( PTO ) accrue what it looks like in practice time to get your affairs in order heard... Savvy, prepared job-seeker you are really offered that job internship, keep. S one-year and five-year goals the qualified from the crowd find out if the particular remote is. Next great job interviewing and hiring remote candidates of his favorites performance might like... Strategy, plan work, assign tasks, track due dates, and simply place more weight the. Lucky enough to be that remote jobs were the exception, not every candidate is looking for in! Bed on those lazy Monday mornings your questions to ask before accepting a remote job opportunity to pick up on language.

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